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I'm Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl
by Gretchen McNeil
Signed Hardcover Giveaway
U.S. Only

Balzer + Bray
Released 10/18/2016

From acclaimed author Gretchen McNeil comes her first realistic contemporary romance—perfect for fans of Kody Keplinger’s The Duff and Morgan Matson’s Since You've Been Gone.

Beatrice Maria Estrella Giovannini has life all figured out. She's starting senior year at the top of her class, she’s a shoo-in for a scholarship to M.I.T., and she’s got a new boyfriend she’s crazy about. The only problem: All through high school Bea and her best friends Spencer and Gabe have been the targets of horrific bullying.

So Bea uses her math skills to come up with The Formula, a 100% mathematically guaranteed path to social happiness in high school. Now Gabe is on his way to becoming Student Body President, and Spencer is finally getting his art noticed. But when her boyfriend Jesse dumps her for Toile, the quirky new girl at school, Bea realizes it's time to use The Formula for herself. She'll be reinvented as the eccentric and lovable Trixie—a quintessential manic pixie dream girl—in order to win Jesse back and beat new-girl Toile at her own game.

Unfortunately, being a manic pixie dream girl isn't all it's cracked up to be, and “Trixie” is causing unexpected consequences for her friends. As The Formula begins to break down, can Bea find a way to reclaim her true identity and fix everything she's messed up? Or will the casualties of her manic pixie experiment go far deeper than she could possibly imagine?

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about I'm Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

I have two big pet peeves that I tackled in this book. First, deconstructing the manic pixie dream girl trope which I feel is demeaning, restricting, and potentially dangerous for young girls who may internalize the male idealization of a female muse. As I say in the book, "Women are not on this planet exclusively to inspire men and make them happy. We have our own dreams and needs, our own shit to get done." That's the message I want young readers to come away with! My second peeve is this idea that people are only portrayed in terms black and white morals - you're either a good guy or a bad guy, a protagonist or an antagonist, your choices are either right or wrong. In reality, the world is full of fuzziness and gray zones, and I wanted to explore that in terms of a traditional YA contemporary framework.

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Scarlet Moon
by S. D. Grimm
Signed Paperback Giveaway
U.S. Only

Gilead Publishing
Released 10/21/2016

The hunted Feravolk are counting on Jayden, a seventeen-year-old, dagger-wielding, storm-detecting orphan, to save their race. Maybe they should have thought of that before they killed her family.

The land of Soleden is dying because the sorceress queen hunts and kills the people who cared for all nature, the Feravolk. Through their special bond with animals, the Feravolk have become more than men. Faster, stronger, masters of camouflage and stealth. Only a Deliverer born the night of the Blood Moon can save them from extinction.

According to prophecy, Jayden is a Deliverer, but it’s not a destiny she wants. She has no sympathy for either side. The Feravolk killed her family, so they can die for all she cares. And fighting the queen with nothing but daggers and her special abilities—storm predicting—is a suicide mission. Destiny can pick someone else.

Except hiding from destiny proves difficult; Deliverers attract powerful Protectors. Jayden’s is one of the Feravolk, so he can’t be trusted. But he makes her feel safe. Makes her want to save his race. If she chooses to keep hiding, he’ll remain one of the hunted, but he’ll protect her even if it means his death if she faces the queen. Making the right choice has never been so excruciating, especially since the prophecy says nothing about the Deliverer’s success, or survival.

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about Scarlet Moon?

My characters! So I'm one of those readers who loves character-driven stories. I specifically love relationships between characters--not just romantic ones--it could be a sibling or mentor-mentee or BFF relationship. I mean, let's be real, I love a good romantic subplot as well.

So I packed a bunch of unique characters with different relationships into Scarlet Moon: An introverted, dagger-wielding teen girl with superior sparring skills who’s afraid to kill anything (including a rabbit for supper). Check. A young man who doesn’t want to get attached to anyone because he has a strange talent that forces him to protect certain people—even if it means sacrificing his own life. Check. And a wolf who runs with a pack of humans and secretly likes to be petted, but won’t admit it. Check. They were so much fun to write about.

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by Carol Lynch Williams
Hardcover Giveaway
U.S. Only

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
Released 10/18/2016

From PEN Award–winning author Carol Lynch Williams comes an eerie and atmospheric coming-of-age tale about a girl who can talk to the dead—even if she would rather not.

Evie Messenger knows that her family is different from other families. But it isn’t until her fifteenth birthday that the Messenger gift is revealed to her. Evie has the family’s gift—a special power. Soon she realizes she is able to see and talk to the dead—ghosts—often with no idea who the person was. Or as Evie says: “I see Dead People. It’s a Messenger gift.” That doesn’t mean she wants the Messenger gift. So Evie tries to ignore it but soon she finds she cannot. Can Evie find a way to live her life without letting her power take over? And what if the dead person is someone close to Evie’s family?

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about Messenger?

That has to be the fact that I wrote all my grandmother’s siblings’ names into MESSENGER. My nana was an important part of my life. I knew she had five sisters and a brother because all but one (who was deceased) came to our family reunions. And I wanted to put all their names in the novel and so I began to research to make sure I had correct spellings etc. I knew there was a sister who died long before I was born. She had throat cancer. I couldn’t remember her name and I wanted to use her, for sure, in the book.

As I researched (my fourth daughter Caitlynne had a friend who helped me), we found there had actually been ten children in my grandmother’s immediate family. I’m not sure Nana even knew about the babies who died. Perhaps they were never spoken of. She never told me of their passing (not did she ever mention the sister who died from cancer first).

Anyway, the discovery of all these other family members was so cool.

And they all find their way into the MESSENGER. This book is sort of my genealogy, if you will.

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by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Hardcover Giveaway
U.S. Only

Released 10/18/2016

• Julian Roman, age sixteen, is an escapee from the Fairmount County Juvenile Detention Facility.
• His parents, Michael Roman and Jennifer Roman, are dead.
• Julian is wanted for murder.

• Why is Julian Roman on the run?
• Just how dangerous is he?
• And who did kill Michael and Jennifer Roman, if not Julian?

Seventeen-year-old Day Baker views life through the lens of her camera, where perspective is everything. But photographs never tell the whole story. After Day crosses paths with Julian, the world she pictures and the truths she believes--neatly captured in black and white--begin to blur.

Julian is not the "armed and dangerous" escapee the police are searching for, but his alibis don't quite add up, either. There is more to his story. This time, Day is determined to see the entire picture . . . whatever it reveals. Did he? Or didn't he?

Day digs deeper into the case while Julian remains on the run. But the longer her list of facts becomes, the longer the list of questions becomes, too. It's also getting harder to deny the chemistry she feels for him. Is it real? Or is she being manipulated?

Day is close to finding the crack in the case. She just needs time to focus before the shutter snaps shut.

Laurie Faria Stolarz is a master of suspense and romance. In this page-turning thriller, Stolarz tackles dark truths with a powerful, contemporary voice. Shutter will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about Shutter?

I love that a major theme in SHUTTER revolves around getting to the heart of truth. The main character, Day Connor, seeks to find the true story behind Julian Roman’s arrest. Julian is a seventeen-year-old boy who recently escaped from a juvenile detention facility while awaiting trial for the murder of his father. In order to find the truth, Day must look at Julian’s alleged crime from all angles. Meanwhile, Day’s parents are superhero do-gooders who fight for justice. Day has always felt as though she lives in the shadow of their all-important endeavors. By the end of the novel she comes to realize that giving people the benefit of the doubt, looking at the same story from different perspectives, regardless of the consequences – in this case the potential loss of someone she grows to care about – can be just as heroic.

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Tattoo Atlas
by Tim Floreen
Hardcover Giveaway
Simon Pulse
Released 10/18/2016

A teenage sociopath is “fixed” after he gets an implant that’s supposed to cure him in this thrilling coming of age tale from the author of Willful Machines.

A year ago, Rem Braithwaite watched his classmate Franklin Kettle commit a horrific crime.

Now, apart from the nightmares, life has gone back to normal for Rem. Franklin was caught, convicted, and put away in juvenile detention for what he did. The ordeal seems to be over.

Until Rem’s mother selects Franklin as a test subject for an experimental brain procedure intended to “cure” him of his cruel and violent impulses. Suddenly Rem’s memories of that day start coming back to the surface. His nightmares become worse than ever. Plus he has serious doubts about whether his mother’s procedure will even work. Can evil really just be turned off?

Then, as part of Franklin’s follow-up testing, he and Rem are brought face to face, and Rem discovers … Franklin does seem different. Despite everything, Rem finds himself becoming friends with Franklin. Maybe even something more than friends.

But when another of their classmates turns up dead, Rem’s world turns upside-down yet again. Franklin insists that he’s innocent, that he’s cured, but Rem doesn’t know what to believe. Is someone else responsible for this new murder, or is Franklin fated to stay a monster forever? And can Rem find out the answer to this question before the killer, whoever it is, comes after him too?

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Bound by Blood and Sand by Becky Allen: Courtney W.
The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati: Tiana W.


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The Rains
by Gregg Hurwitz
Tor Teen
Released 10/18/2016

The first YA page-turner from New York Times bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz.

In one terrifying night, the peaceful community of Creek's Cause turns into a war zone. No one under the age of eighteen is safe. Chance Rain and his older brother, Patrick, have already fended off multiple attacks from infected adults by the time they arrive at the school where other young survivors are hiding.

Most of the kids they know have been dragged away by once-trusted adults who are now ferocious, inhuman beings. The parasite that transformed them takes hold after people turn eighteen--and Patrick's birthday is only a few days away.

Determined to save Patrick's life and the lives of the remaining kids, the brothers embark on a mission to uncover the truth about the parasites--and what they find is horrifying. Battling an enemy not of this earth, Chance and Patrick become humanity's only hope for salvation.

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about The Rains?

When I dove into THE RAINS, I knew that I wanted to push the pacing to the wall. To write a book that took off like a rocket so that readers would have to hold on tight. Looking back on the book, I’d have to say that’s my favorite thing about it. From the minute that meteor breaks up high above the farming town of Creek’s Cause, unleashing hell, my characters have to scramble to stay one step ahead of the action.

And, well, am I allowed to have a second favorite thing? That would be my characters who showed up for all this mayhem and faced it more bravely than I would have. Two close brothers, Chance and Patrick Rain, are at the center of my story. They find themselves fighting for their lives as they piece together this terrible epidemic of science gone bad. Chance, our fifteen-year-old narrator, happens to have feelings for Patrick’s tough-as-hell, beautiful girlfriend, Alexandra. Alex is sixteen. Patrick is seventeen. And they learn soon enough that Very Bad Things happen to kids when they turn eighteen. So there’s a ticking clock built into the story—to save Patrick and eventually to save everyone.

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by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Knopf Books for Young Readers
Released 10/18/2016

Moving to a space station at the edge of the galaxy was always going to be the death of Hanna’s social life. Nobody said it might actually get her killed.

The sci-fi saga that began with the breakout bestseller Illuminae continues on board the Jump Station Heimdall, where two new characters will confront the next wave of the BeiTech assault.

Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy’s most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station’s wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

But relax. They’ve totally got this. They hope.

Once again told through a compelling dossier of emails, IMs, classified files, transcripts, and schematics, Gemina raises the stakes of the Illuminae Files, hurling readers into an enthralling new story that will leave them breathless.

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Kiss Cam
by Kiara London
Swoon Reads
Released 10/18/2016

In Kiss Cam, teen author Kiara London asks, what's a little harmless kissing between friends?

Juniper, Jasper, and Lenny have been friends forever and co-own a vlog channel called WereVloggingHere. Their fans are huge "shippers" who believe that Juniper and Jasper are perfect for each other, and, despite warnings from friends and family, a simple Truth-or-Dare inspired kiss soon spirals out of control into a whole new world of making out and surprise kisses.

Juniper and Jasper's relationship begins to shift. But as fan requests for different "Kiss Cam" segments keep pouring in, Juniper puts her worries aside and convinces herself that it doesn't mean anything. After all, it's just kissing … right?

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Life Uploaded
by Sierra Furtado
Gallery Books
Released 10/18/2016

This heartwarming, coming-of-age tale from top YouTube lifestyle vlogger Sierra Furtado explores what it means to redefine happiness on your own terms, and to stay true to who you are even in the face of Internet insta-fame.

All sixteen-year-old Harper Ambrose has ever wanted is to be recognized: for her zany sense of humor, her on-fleek fashion sense, and her love of all things makeup, flirty, and fun. After an awkward childhood where she fell out with her BFF Gwen and thought she'd never find her one true love, at last Harper feels as though she's finally discovered her voice in a space she never expected: on YouTube, making videos about her day-to-day life and broadcasting them to the masses.

Now an insanely popular vlogger with millions of followers, Harper balances the stresses of everyday high school life—SAT prep, boring teachers, and the mean girl clique staring her down in the hallway—with the glam, fast-paced world of online celebrity. But when one hater on Twitter starts targeting Harper in 140 characters or less, and a young British actor who's captured Harper's heart might not be everything he seems, Harper feels like her pitch-perfect life is suddenly going to pieces around her. Who better to help her pick them up and find herself again than her best friend Ellie and a certain tall, dark, and handsome someone she might not have realized was waiting in the wings for her all along?

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Moon Chosen
by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin's Griffin
Released 10/18/2016

Mari is an Earth Walker, heir to the unique healing powers of her Clan; but she has cast her duties aside, until she is chosen by a special animal ally, altering her destiny forever. When a deadly attack tears her world apart, Mari reveals the strength of her powers and the forbidden secret of her dual nature as she embarks on a mission to save her people. It is not until Nik, the son of the leader from a rival, dominating clan strays across her path, that Mari experiences something she has never felt before…

Now, darkness is coming, and with it, a force, more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen, leaving Mari to cast the shadows from the earth. By forming a tumultuous alliance with Nik, she must make herself ready. Ready to save her people. Ready to save herself and Nik. Ready to embrace her true destiny … and obliterate the forces that threaten to destroy them all.

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No Holding Back
by Kate Evangelista
Swoon Reads
Released 10/18/2016

A romantic European vacation is the perfect excuse to let go in this highly anticipated sequel to No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista.

Everyone knows that Nathan is in love with his best friend, Preston …Everyone except Preston. Nathan has always accepted that Preston was too focused on his swim training to worry about love. But Preston is heading off to train for the Olympics soon, so if Nathan wants his chance at love, he has to speak up now. But saying “I love you” is surprisingly difficult, even for someone as confident as Nathan. Maybe a whirlwind vacation in Europe could help? But … what if it doesn’t work out and he loses the best friend he’s ever had?

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Rose & Thorn
by Sarah Prineas
Released 10/18/2016

This beauty isn’t sleeping! Sarah Prineas’s darkly imaginative retelling breaks down the classic story of Sleeping Beauty in a big, bold way. Brimming with action and romance, beautiful Rose must escape the curse that will force the kingdom to fall into a century-long slumber and fights for the freedom to find her own happily ever after.

After the spell protecting her is destroyed, Rose seeks safety in the world outside the valley she had called home. She’s been kept hidden all her life to delay the three curses she was born with, curses that will have drastic consequences if they take effect. Accompanied by the handsome and mysterious Griff and Quirk, his witty and warmhearted partner, Rose tries to escape from the ties that bind her to this forced fairy tale. But will the path they take lead them to freedom, or will it bring them straight into the prescribed story they are trying to avoid?

Set in the world of Prineas’s Ash & Bramble fifty years later, Rose & Thorn is a powerful retelling of Sleeping Beauty. If you like your fairy tales dark, your heroines daring, and your suitors dashing, this is the book for you.

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Royal Tour
by Amy Alward
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Released 10/18/2016

Sam Kemi is off on another Hunt around the world, chasing secret potions and magic diaries in the second novel of the “charming and humorous” (Kirkus Reviews) Potion Diaries series.

After winning the Wilde Hunt, things are looking up for Sam Kemi and her family’s potion business—until suddenly they aren’t...

When someone goes after her grandfather, stealing his memories and priceless knowledge, the Kemi’s Potion Shop is forced to close and Sam is left scrambling for answers—without her grandfather’s help. Part of Ostanes’s mind is trapped in those memories, and without them he’s lost and confused. And the more time passes, the worse his condition becomes.

Hoping to reverse the effect of dark potions on the body, someone is looking for the recipe for aqua vitae—an elixir that can cure any illness—lost in the pages of an old Kemi family diary. But aqua vitae could also be the key to bringing her grandfather back, and that’s all Sam really wants. Determined to find Ostanes’s memories and the recipe first, Sam finds herself on the most important and perilous Hunt of her life.

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Saving Red
by Sonya Sones
Released 10/18/2016

Molly Rosenberg may only be fourteen, but she’s experienced more hurt and guilt than most adults. With her home life a mess, Molly takes part in a volunteer event tallying the city’s homeless population. There, on a windy Santa Monica bluff, is where Molly meets Red, an enigmatic homeless girl with more zest for life than she’s ever encountered. The two spark an unlikely friendship that pulls Molly out of her sadness. Finally, Molly can open up to someone about her brother’s disappearance that she feels she’s to blame for.

But whenever Molly tries to get Red to open about her family—where they are, why they left her, or if Red left them—Red quickly changes the subject, or starts rambling on about things that just don’t make any sense. Molly knows she can’t change her own past, but she vows to help Red salvage her future. In Sonya Sones’ latest novel, two girls with a unique bond give each other a new perspective on the meaning of family, friendship, and forgiveness.

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The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily
by Rachel Cohn
Knopf Books for Young Readers
Released 10/18/2016

Dash and Lily have had a tough year since readers first watched the couple fall in love. Lily’s beloved grandfather suffered a heart attack, and his difficult road to recovery has taken a major toll on her typically sunny disposition.

With only twelve days left until Christmas—Lily’s favorite time of the year—Dash, Lily’s brother Langston, and their closest friends take Manhattan by storm to help Lily recapture the holiday magic of New York City in December.

Told in alternating chapters, The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily reunites two beloved characters and is bound to be a Christmas favorite, season after season.

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What Light
by Jay Asher
Released 10/18/2016

Sierra's family runs a Christmas tree farm in Oregon—it's a bucolic setting for a girl to grow up in, except that every year, they pack up and move to California to set up their Christmas tree lot for the season. So Sierra lives two lives: her life in Oregon and her life at Christmas. And leaving one always means missing the other.

Until this particular Christmas, when Sierra meets Caleb, and one life eclipses the other.

By reputation, Caleb is not your perfect guy: years ago, he made an enormous mistake and has been paying for it ever since. But Sierra sees beyond Caleb's past and becomes determined to help him find forgiveness and, maybe, redemption. As disapproval, misconceptions, and suspicions swirl around them, Caleb and Sierra discover the one thing that transcends all else: true love.

What Light is a love story that's moving and life-affirming and completely unforgettable.

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