Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4 Fangirling at Festivals and ILLUSION Giveaway and Blog Tour

So last weekend, I was in Boston hanging out with Erin Cashman -- which was AMAZING, and we are up to shenanigans for the future. Be warned. But I was also up there for the Boston Teen Book Festival. It was huge. Huge. So many fantastic authors, and tons of great readers, and it was beautifully organized and staffed with wonderful volunteers.

I was privileged to get to do a couple panels with I. W. Gregorio, whose NONE OF THE ABOVE is a must-read and absolutely slayed me, and Nicola Yoon, who wrote EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, which everyone tells me is incredible. (It's queued up on my iPad next, and I can't wait to dig in.)

I also got to meet Francisco X. Stork, whose Marcelo in the Real World is one of my favorite books. He handles neuro-diversity so sensitively and well. Of course, I embarrassingly fangirled on him. As I do. Because he's awesome. Then later I met a Compulsion fan who mentioned she was looking forward to Illusion, so I stopped to give her a bookmark. And Francisco asked if he was chopped liver because I hadn't given him a bookmark. Which was lovely and made my day. It's such a funny business we are in. I suspect most of us, like me, are readers first and foremost and writers second.

Speaking of which. It's only 22 days until Illusion comes out and the series is officially over. I have such mixed feelings about that. And the lovely Hannah McBride of the Irish Banana Review has organized a blog tour and giveaway that started yesterday. The giveaway is for two copies of the entire series, so jump on over. 

Week 1:
10/3: Reading Teen – Setting Inspirations
10/4: Please Feed the Bookworm – Review
10/5: Who RU Blog – Review
10/6: YA Bibliophile – Review
10/7: Adventures of a Book Junkie – Q&A

Week 2:
10/10: Mundie Moms – Review
10/11: The Cover Contessa - Review 
10/12: Fiction Fare – Review 
10/13: Lisa Loves Literature – Review
10/14: The Irish Banana Review – Q&A


  1. Yay! I was a volunteer at the Boston Teen Author Fest! I'm glad it was so much fun for your too! :)

    1. It was so great. Thank you so much for volunteering, Ellie! You all did a FABULOUS job!

  2. The Boston Festival sounds wonderful! Lucky you to meet so many great authors!

    It IS hard to believe that the COMPULSION series is soon finishing up. A weird feeling, eh? The process feels so long and arduous and then, suddenly, all three books are out and it's over. Weird! But huge congrats! Can't wait to finish up the trilogy, Martina! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Kimberley! You've summed it up brilliantly--as you often do! : ) And likewise for the Forbidden trilogy. Can't wait for the third book!


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