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16 New Release Giveaway and Author Interviews for 11/23-11/29

As we begin the last full week of November, it's getting harder and harder to believe the end of 2015 is almost here. To all our American readers: we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. To all those doing NaNoWriMo: you're so close! However many words you've written, we're so proud of you. And to those looking for something new to read: we bring you this week's new release giveaway.

Happy Reading!
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Rules for 50/50 Chances
by Kate McGovern
Signed Hardcover Giveaway

Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Released 11/24/2015

A heartrending but ultimately uplifting debut novel about learning to accept life's uncertainties; a perfect fit for the current trend in contemporary realistic novels that confront issues about life, death, and love.

Seventeen-year-old Rose Levenson has a decision to make: Does she want to know how she’s going to die? Because when Rose turns eighteen, she can take the test that will tell her if she carries the genetic mutation for Huntington’s disease, the degenerative condition that is slowly killing her mother. With a fifty-fifty shot at inheriting her family’s genetic curse, Rose is skeptical about pursuing anything that presumes she’ll live to be a healthy adult—including going to ballet school and the possibility of falling in love. But when she meets a boy from a similarly flawed genetic pool, and gets an audition for a dance scholarship in California, Rose begins to question her carefully-laid rules.

Author Question: What is your favorite thing about Rules for 50/50 Chances?

I think my favorite thing about RULES is Rose's relationship with her parents. She doesn't always get along with them or agree with their decisions but she has a fundamentally loving and respectful relationship with both of them. Her family is big on teasing as a way of showing affection, which is very much like my family, so I had fun writing those sections. It was important to me to write a protagonist who wasn't always in conflict with her parents, because I was a teen who always enjoyed my parents' company (still do!), and I don't think we see that often enough in YA. It's cool to hang out with your parents! I also wanted Rose's parents to be well fleshed out characters with their own inner lives, and I hope that's come across.

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Strange Girl by Christopher Pike - Candace B.


Light of Day
by Allison van Diepen
Released 11/24/2015

Like any other Saturday night, Gabby Perez and her best friend, Maria, are out dancing. But this isn’t just another night. When a mysterious stranger warns Gabby their drinks have been drugged, she hurries Maria home. Sure enough, the next day, Maria can’t remember a thing. Gabby’s shaken by their close call. And she’s not going to stay quiet about it.

She opens up the airwaves on her radio show and discovers an even worse truth: the guy who drugged them was going to force them into prostitution. Then Gabby’s friend Bree never makes it home from a party, and Gabby fears the worst.

Gabby reaches out to the guy who saved her, the gorgeous stranger she knows only as X. As they dive into the seedy underworld of Miami, searching for Bree, they can’t ignore their undeniable attraction. Until Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him. Can their love survive the light of day?

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* * * *

Promises I Made
by Michelle Zink
Released 11/24/2015

In the thrilling sequel to Lies I Told, Grace learns that the most difficult thing about pulling off the perfect crime is living with the consequences.

Grace Fontaine was trained to carry out perfect crimes. But when a mistake was made the night her family tried to execute their biggest heist yet, her world fell apart. Now her brother is in jail, her mother has disappeared with the entire stolen fortune, and her father is determined to find a new mark, no matter the cost.

Haunted by the way she betrayed her friends—and Logan, the only boy she’s ever loved—as well as the role she played in her brother’s arrest, Grace decides she must return to the place every thief knows you should avoid: the scene of the crime.

Returning to Playa Hermosa as a wanted criminal is dangerous. But Grace has only one chance to make things right. To do it, she has to use everything she’s been taught about the art of the con to hunt down the very people who trained her: the only family she’s ever known.

Perfect for fans of Ally Carter, Cecily von Ziegesar, and Gail Carriger, this thrilling, high-stakes novel deftly explores the roles of identity and loyalty while offering a window into the world of the rich and fabulous.

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Reckless Hearts
by Sean Olin
Katherine Tegen Books
Released 11/24/2015

What do you do if you find yourself fantasizing about kissing your best friend? Sensitive guitarist Jake has been asking himself that same question for a long time, and there’s no easy answer. Telling his dream girl –talented anime artist Elena– about his feelings might lead to the ultimate rejection, but not telling her just might kill him.

Before Jake can make his move, though, a new mysterious guy enters the picture in an unexpected way. In Elena’s mind, Harlow is excitement-personified: a rebellious yet kindred spirit who she instantly connected with online. Jake’s gut is telling him that something about Harlow is off, and that Elena is in way over her head, but the more Jake pushes the issue, the more he pushes Elena right into Harlow’s arms –and into a tragedy that neither of them would ever see coming.

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* * * *

by Liz Bankes
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Released 11/24/2015

Fans of Stephanie Perkins and Jenny Han will love this contemporary romance that's equal parts sweet, soapy, and sultry.

After Gabi's relationship with her long-time boyfriend Max falls apart, she just needs to get away—and she finds the perfect escape in a summer internship for her favorite TV show in London. All the gorgeous actors in the cast will more than distract her from the Break-Up.

Then she meets Spencer Black: student, show extra, expert flirt. Spending time with him is fun, intoxicating, and uncertain. Their relationship is heating up when he lands a featured role on the show. Will his newly found fame break them apart, or is Spencer the one?

In this steamy love story, the drama is just as real off-screen as it is on.

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  1. Absolutely can't wait for Promises I Made and Rules for 50/50 Chances sounds super good, too! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  2. I've been looking at 50/50, love to win a copy. Thanks

  3. Rules for 50/50 is unlike any other book I've ever read. Can't wait for this one!

  4. I don't know very much about Huntington’s disease and I don't know what I would do if it was in my family. It sounds like a really great story!

  5. Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity and the prompt posting of winners and sending of books! This site really sets a high bar with such matters. I am drawn to this book by its particular themes and my regard for the publisher (Farrar Straus & Giroux). Thanks and cheers, Kara S

  6. Contemporaries! Need more contemporaries.

  7. Thanks for the awesome giveaway ♥
    Hoping to win :)

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  10. Sounds like an awesome read! Can't wait.

  11. sounds like an awesome read ! Can't wait.

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