Thursday, July 2, 2015

2 Writing Contest Announcement and Exciting Changes at Adventures in YA Publishing!

I'm SO excited about this post, because I finally,
Image via Alan Cleaver
WE finally, get to share some of the amazing things that are going on here at Adventures, the First Five Pages Writing Workshop, and YA Series Insiders. We have a number of new contributors we've added recently, and we're expanding our social media channels, and launching a number of new initiatives. 

We're also going to be announcing a brand new and wonderfully FUN Red Light, Green Light writing contest in the next weeks, with author and agent critiques, audience voting, and more!

So lets kick this off! Here, starting with me, are all of our contributors to tell you what we're most excited about.

Martina Boone: I'm excited that we're adding more fabulous team members for all the blogs, that we're bringing closer to the family and yet continuing to work with a lot of my author friends. I'm thrilled that we're getting to expand the First Five Pages program, and I'm especially thrilled with all the new enthusiasm and energy that's going into developing more great ways to celebrate YA Literature with both readers and writers.

Erin Cashman: I'm so excited to have new interns at AYAP and new mentors! YA authors Stephanie Scott whose debut, ALTERATIONS will be published by Bloomsbury and Brenda Drake, author of the forthcoming TOUCHING FATE and LIBRARY JUMPERS, both from Entangled, and host of PitchWars, will be joining the First 5 Pages Workshop as permanent mentors!

Lisa Gail Green: So excited to have such an amazingly talented and sweet bunch working together. I'm looking forward to showcasing more agents and editors and their insights. If you have agent questions you'd love answers to tweet them or Facebook them on our new accounts and I'll pick some to do for upcoming agent roundups!!! Also looking forward to some new and innovative contests for writers. 

Susan Sipal:  I'm thrilled with all the new energy and excitement at AYAP. Love having all the wonderful new team members as well as the lovely "old" crew. (wink emoticon) I'm eager to line up additional insightful articles for the Craft of Writing features. And hope that any writer with a detailed question for their MS will consider submitting to Ask a Pub Pro! Also, be sure to look for something special and Harry Potterish on July 31!

Jocelyn Rish: I’m thrilled to have all these lovely ladies joining the team – lots of new ideas and enthusiasm flowing around AYAP! I’m excited to use some of this new energy to revamp the look and feel of the weekend author interviews. I also look forward to reaching new readers and writers with our newly implemented social network accounts. Help us spread the word!

Shelly Zevlever: So many changes are happening with AYAP, and all of them are exciting! Like others have mentioned, I'm super excited to have all these fabulous interns helping out. I also am looking forward to running the Twitter account! I finished school recently and I'm getting into the hang of everything but I'm excited to see us having a larger presence in social media!

Jen Fisher: I'm excited to be part of AYAP as well! I'm looking forward to featuring some really great authors in the coming WOW Wednesdays posts: Susan Juby, Erica O'Rourke, and Wendy Higgins to name a few.

Sandra Held: I'm really excited about the upcoming First 5 contest, and about leading the brand new Pitch Polishing part of the workshop. I think we're on our way to a fun summer that will be amazing for both readers and writers.

Sam Taylor: First of all, I'm excited to BE part of the AYAP team. I'm looking forward to tracking the YA new releases for the Monday Round-Up posts, and to kick-start the quarterly posts of books we are itching to read. And I'm excited to engage with other blogs as an AYAP rep.

Lindsey Hodder: I'm excited about the new monthly series we're instigating on AYAP - round ups of the best writing related posts around the web, and a series that brings together the best of the AYAP archives! And I'm thrilled to be representing AYAP on other blogs.

Kristin Sandoval:  I'm excited to be a part of AYAP through her sister site, YA Series Insiders and spreading the word and the love of reading through YA series books! We have some wonderful, juicy YA series secrets that I can't wait to put up on the blog, and a monthly giveaway, and I'm just thrilled to be working with such great and enthusiastic people both at AYAP and at YASI.

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan: I’m really excited to connect with the community of past First Five Pages Writing Workshop participants and find out how everyone is progressing with their manuscripts. I’m looking forward to building a community where we can share advice and tips with each other. There’s nothing like paying it forward to build good karma. Maybe we should plan virtual "class reunions!"

Anisaa Denise: I'm so excited to be a part of the AYAP team, along with working for her sister site, YA Series Insiders! Its been such an amazing experience so far and with all the new things happening, I know that it can only get better! I'm looking forward to creating some awesome graphics and helping to expand our social media presence.


Tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you! :)