Thursday, April 2, 2015

1 3 Tips on Surviving the Wait and Getting Your Mind Elsewhere

Since the release of SOUL CROSSED, I've been a tad preoccupied. I've heard over and over that I shouldn't check my reviews or my numbers or basically any book stats at all. Being me, however, I don't listen, just like I used to check my inbox constantly when I was querying. I crave information no matter how busy I am. And you know what? I bet a lot of other writers are just like me! Come on, raise your hands.

Here are a few tips that actually help me get my mind elsewhere. Maybe they'll work for you too. Other tips? Please share in the comments so we can try them too.

  1. Write something new. Seriously. I know your head is wrapped up in the world and characters you've put so much into, but that's what makes you a writer. You have more than one book in you, I promise. Start doing whatever it is you do to plan for the next book, whether that means outlining, researching, daydreaming, or just opening a blank document and going for it. Because the minute I get into a different project, that's invariably when something happens and I find myself actually a bit annoyed that I was interrupted! Even by good news. Yes, I am strange that way. But the writing advice is solid. It's useful, good for your sanity, and who knows? It could be the One. I should probably point out that in my case it might be a sequel, but it doesn't matter. I'm still sucked right in to the story and it helps me remember why I actually love writing. Then the other stuff doesn't seem so all important. 
  2. Get outside. Winter doesn't want to let you? You don't want to leave your computer for too long? DO IT. Get up and get moving and you will find the fresh air (cold or hot) and some movement will get your head back in the real world. Have kids? Make them come too. Play a silly game. You may still run back to your computer when you're done, but you'll feel better and a little more balanced when you're done. 
  3. Do something for others. Give back. This community is so amazing. So many others gave to me when I started, whether simple words of encouragement or more. I try to give back too. Hopefully you know that. Hopefully you know that I support other writers no matter their stage in the game and I believe in all of us! There are always room for good books. That's my motto. I could cry with relief whenever I think about how like each other we are. I've found my tribe as so many say. So you should try it too. Do a critique for a friend. Buy a book. Leave a review.  Have a blog? Give something away. Can't afford it? What about a critique? Give someone who needs it a hug. Tweet some encouragement at someone. Do a post on it. There are a million ways to give back, find one that's uniquely you. And on that note I believe I'm going to do that right now! My publisher is giving away 5 print copies of SOUL CROSSED, so I'll put the link below. Go enter!! Why not? It's something you can do while I go back to writing the rest of my trilogy. ;)

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  1. Nothing like launching a book and seeing how it floats! As an indie author, you have to-the-minute access to your sales stats, and it's REALLY addicting. Checking it every five minutes ... every hour ... it's amazing how your mood swings with that little chart. Smashwords has added a Daily Sales Chart that is even more addicting, because it shows lots of vendors at once.

    So yeah. Working on another book, or even getting outside, is a GREAT alternative. :-D


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