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0 Craft of Writing: New Monthly Post - Ask a Pub Pro!

Welcome to the new Ask a Pub Pro!

For 2015, Adventures in Young Adult Publishing has a new offering for our Friday craft posts! Over the years, we've tried to cover every craft aspect of writing and have built quite an archive for readers to search when they are learning new skills or have a specific concern. We’re thrilled that Writer’s Digest has twice honored us on their 101 Best Websites for Writers, and we plan to continue offering in-depth articles by published authors each week to help writers fine-tune their craft. Of course, we’re going to continue running our author and agent mentored First Five Pages Workshop each month to provide five writers specific critiques on their manuscripts.

Have a Specific Craft Question?

We think we can do even more to help though. As authors, we have all been stuck with our WIPs on our road to publication. There are times when we had specific questions about technique or craft that weren’t completely addressed by the articles on this site or elsewhere online, and we expect that may be true for other writers. Maybe you need to know whether the exotic name you've chosen for your historical heroine seems charming or hopelessly anachronistic. Or, perhaps you're wondering if the new character who suddenly appears in your third act is really needed...or if that beloved secondary can be killed.


Questions like these are where an Ask-A-Pub-Pro Craft Post will come in handy! Send us your specific craft or publishing questions, and we'll line up an experienced author, agent, or editor to answer it. Just make sure your question can be clearly expressed in a couple of paragraphs.

Are you an Industry Professional with Experience to Share?

To further make this a new opportunity for our readership, we will include authors and editors from a wide variety of houses and publishing experience to provide this detailed feedback. As we recognize that there are many talented authors and knowledgeable editors that don't usually get covered on this blog, we’ll provide a mix of perspectives from the big traditional publishers and smaller presses as well.

Here’s How It Will Work

If you are a writer with a specific craft or publishing question, send us an email to AYAPLit AT gmail DOT com with "Ask-A-Pub-Pro Question" as the subject line. Likewise, if you are a published author, agent, or editor and you’d like to participate by answering questions for this series, please email us with "Ask-A-Pub-Pro Volunteer" as the subject. At the beginning of each month, I will pick one or more questions and one or more publishing professionals to answer them. The pros will have a couple of weeks to prepare a response, and then the Ask-A-Pub-Pro post will go live on the last Friday of the month.

As a benefit for participating, writers who ask questions will get to include links to their website and social media as well as a Tweet-sized blurb of their current MS at the bottom of their question. You can also choose to have your question posted anonymously. Publishing professionals who respond will likewise get to include links to their sites plus a blurb and cover photo of a new or upcoming release.

Come on. You Know You Have Questions. Send them In!

Click here to start right now!

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