Tuesday, November 11, 2014

21 Anatomy of a Book Launch, a 16-Day Book Tour, and a Red, Hot YA Giveaway!

Before I begin the recap, I've got a couple of lovely shout-out's I'd love to share. First, Compulsion is in USA Today's HEA Must-Read Paranormal's post this morning. With Cassandra Clare. Um. YIKES! :D


Also, it's the YA pick in the Goodreads' November Best Books of the Month:


As for the tour and launch celebration?

It's OVER! Compulsion is out in the world, and I'm back from the Compelling Reads tour!

How do I feel?

Grateful, happy, sad, and TIRED. Seriously? I think I could sleep for a month. In addition to the fact that we literally did one or two events every day from 10/25 to 11/9 except for Halloween, I had to drive overnight on Sunday after the event to get home because my sheltie, Auggie, apparently was tired of Mom being gone and tried to commit suicide by chocolate. Yes, that's a thing. If you don't know that dogs can't metabolize chocolate and that the caffeine can kill them, please take this as a cautionary tale. Fortunately, my daughter saw that he was in trouble and got him to the emergency vet clinic. He spent the night on an IV having full-body tremors, but he's home now and doing well!

Apart from that near-disaster, the tour was AMAZING. I can't say enough for how kind and wonderful all the booksellers were for hosting us and how lovely it was to meet the readers, bloggers, and aspiring authors who came out to see us. Several of them came to multiple events, even though the events were actually very far apart. That was mind-blowing and wonderful.

So without further ado, let me share some photos.

With Melissa Marr at B&N Fairfax, VA 10/25/14

With Lelia Nebeker from One More Page Books and Wendy Higgins
doing a Write With Us event at the Arlington Public Library on 10/26/14.

What I found on the shelf when I walked into One More Page books 10/27 :)

Our poster at One More Page Books 10/27

Chatting with young readers, Wendy Higgins, Leah Cypess, and Melissa Marr

Book Dating moderated by the lovely Lelia Nebaker

With Jen from Jenuine Cupcakes, who 
makes the BEST cupcakes on the planet

Tapas after our Ask Us Anything event at the Bethesda Library
hosted by Politics and Prose on 10/28. That's Wendy Higgins,
Kimberley Griffiths Little, and Jessica Spotswood 

At Barnes & Noble Charlottesville, VA 10/29 with Kristen-Paige Madonia,
Kimberley Griffiths Little, Joy N. Hensley, Diana Peterfreund, and Jodi Meadows

Belly dancing lessons courtesy of Kimberley Griffiths Little
at Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, VA on 10/30/14

With Megan Shepherd, Meagan Spooner, Kimberley Griffiths Little,
S.E. Green, and Claudia Gray at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC on 11/1/14

Signing at Flyleaf Bookstore in Chapel Hill, NC 11/2/14

At the statue of Nina Simone in Tryon, NC with
Meagan Spooner, Claudia Gray, S.E. Green, and Kimberley Little

Write with Us event at the Lanier Library in Tryon 11/3/14

Young Tryon writer Savanah McCrohan finishing the story
we began at the Lanier Library

Book Dating with Meagan Spooner and the inimitable
Beth Revis at Malaprops in Asheville, NC 11/3/14
Generous donation from Josh Adams at Adams Literary Agency for the
ImaginOn Library in Charlotte, NC after our event there on 11/4.

Write with Us Event Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC 11/5/14

With reader Moriah Chavis at Fiction Addiction

With Kimberley Griffiths Little, S. E. Green, bookseller Victoria Hurley,
Claudia Gray, and Tracy Clark at Books-a-Million in Columbia, SC 11/6 

The gorgeous Books-a-Million Store with Kimberley. Jacqueline Bouvier Lee, the beautiful store manager,
was one of the definite highlights of the entire tour. She's a force of nature.

The Justine Magazine review of Compulsion that greeted me face up at the
Justine Magazine booth at YALLFEST on 11/8! LOVED meeting all the Justine staff! : )
Oh, okay, I loved EVERYTHING about YALLFEST. Hats off to Blue Bicycle Books,
Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Andria Amaral and all the other organizers for pulling off another
amazing event filled with star-studded authors and dedicated readers.
 So much fun to talk to fellow fans of YA books!

Our haul of raffle tickets at YALLFEST. What were they for? See below!

The MEGA basket of ALL THE BOOKS signed books by each of the YA Series Insiders
 authors and a slew of other series authors. Twenty-two books in all! The basket was taken
home by Cat, pictured here with us! Cat also very kindly came out to see us on
Sunday at the Charleston County Public Library event!

Book Dating with Kimberley Griffiths Little, Tracy Clark, and
S.E. Green at the Charleston County Public Library. All the librarians, and
especially Andria Amaral, were absolutely beyond fantastic!

Stephanie Ehman (@OhanaReads) and her sister came down from Canada
for YALLFEST and came out to see us on Sunday at the library! LOVED meeting them!

There were tons of other highlights:

  • Having my beautiful Cici and Carol come out for the launch was incredible. 
  • Meeting my critique partner of three years, editor extraordinaire Susan Sipal (@HP4Writers) for the first time in Raleigh! YAY!
  • Having the booksellers be so supportive and accommodating MADE the events a joy. 
  • We loved being able to include all of our "booklorettes" in our programs. 
  • Carrie Ryan, Jessica Khoury, and Stephanie Perkins also stopped by various events, which was incredible. 
  • YALLFEST. What an incredible experience! 
  • Meeting Fallon and Morgan from Book In Neverland--how do I not have pics of them? 
  • Meeting Elizabeth, the lovely teacher who came to our Greenville and Charleston events, who turns out to be an alumni of St. Margaret's where I did the Teen Reads Week school visit recently. 
  • Meeting Jenn Scarpa and her beautiful family. 
  • Seeing Jocelyn Rish (our newest AYAP blog contributor!). 
  • Meeting the Justine Magazine staff--I mentioned that already, but it bears repeating.
  • Getting to visit Tryon and meet the lovely bookish folks who live there.
  • Hanging out with the INCREDIBLE authors on the tour!!!!! (My absolute favorite part of this adventure!)
I'll stop here, because I could literally go on forever.

All in all, it was a whirlwind, and I'm sad that it's over, grateful to have been part of the experience, and a bit relieved that I can sleep for a while. : )

Thank you so much to all the booksellers, librarians, readers, and most of all, the authors who made this possible! And thank you once again to my beyond incredible publisher, Simon Pulse. Honestly, there are no words to express my gratitude!

Ooops! Almost forgot the giveaway, guys!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sounds like it was such a wonderful time. I'm glad you experienced all the awesomesauce and appreciate you sharing it with us :-)

    1. I wish I could have actually met you in person! I finally met my critique partner after three years, and a bunch of fabulous bloggers. Maybe some day!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a terrific, albeit tiring, time.

    1. It was a bit exhausting, but it's kind of like labor. You forget about the hard part and already I mostly remember how much fun we had. : )

  3. How exciting! Congrats on such a fun and successful tour. :)

    1. Thanks, Naomi! I'm not sure how you truly define successful when it comes to touring, because so many of the things that come from it are intangibles. I loved meeting the booksellers and the readers, and it was truly fantastic to get to meet the rest of the authors on the tour in person.

  4. So glad it all went so well. And glad your dog is okay. I've heard about how deadly chocolate can be to dogs so we keep ours up where our puppy can't get it.

    1. That's really smart, Natalie. Ours is closed up in the pantry, and Auggie has never even tried to get in there. We suspect the cat.

  5. We loved having you and the other Compelling Reads authors visit us at CCPL! You're welcome back in Charleston any time :)

    1. Be careful what you say! We might end up on your doorstep all too soon. It was definitely one of our favorite events! You have a phenomenal program and a fabulous bunch of people! Thank you again for having us...

  6. Wow sounds like a whirlwind of events and crazyness! Congrats on the successful tour!!

    1. Whirlwind is the perfect description, Ellie! I can't count the number of times i lost track of the days or events. : )

  7. SO happy to share this adventure and our book launches together, my dear friend!!!

    1. I can't imagine doing it without you! THANK you for being there with me! You made it fun.

  8. So glad I had the chance to see you. And so relieved to hear that Auggie is OK.

    1. We still need to do hot dogs--when my actual dog doesn't try committing suicide. So sorry we didn't get to spend more time together!

  9. What a terrific experience! Congratulations on a successful launch!

    1. Don't know about the successful, Rosalyn, LOL, but it was certainly fun and memorable. Everyone I know told me to go ahead and GO BIG for the first book because no other book will ever be the first.

  10. OMG thanks for this amazing chance! *o*

  11. I cannot find the Bloglovin' button. Help! :)


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