Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 Interview with Leon Husock from the L. Perkins Agency

Lisa here again to get you acquainted with yet another amazing agent! Please help me welcome Leon Husock from the L. Perkins Agency.

Prior to joining the L. Perkins Agency, Leon was an associate agent at Anderson Literary Management. He has a BA in Literature from Bard College and attended the Columbia Publishing Course.  Leon is actively building his client list. He has a particular interest in science fiction & fantasy, young adult and middle-grade novels filled with strong characters and original premises, but keeps an open mind for anything that catches his eye. He is also looking for historical fiction set in the 20th century, particularly the 1980s or earlier. He is not interested in non-fiction at this time. 

1. What are some things you love to see in a query?

More than anything I love to see a well-constructed query. I see so many queries that are just a mess; they give me a sentence about the book, or worse, a sentence or two about themselves, followed by a synopsis of the entire book. A good query has a lot in common with what you see on the back of a paperback or the jacket of a hardcover. It should tell me enough about the premise to get me interested and then leave me wondering what's going to happen, and then follow up with a little bit about the author. A good query should grab you and leave you wanting to know more about a book. 

2. Which is more crucial: emotional connection or current marketability?

Emotional connection trumps marketability for me. Marketability is important, but even if a book seems super marketable, if I don't love it I won't represent it. Conversely, even if I'm not sure how marketable a book is but I couldn't put it down, I want to represent that author. People sometimes forget that an agent is an ongoing professional relationship, not just for one book but for the book you write next and the one after that and after that, etc. If I don't love an author's writing then that relationship is probably going to get pretty strained after a while.

3. Coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, or any other vices?

Of course everyone loves a good book and a nice mug of tea on a cold day, but whisky is my particular vice. Especially single malt scotch.


  1. Thanks for the great interview! I especially liked the query tips. And tea is great on a cold day. Or iced tea on a hot one! :)

  2. Thanks for this interview. Good tips. And I do like a glass of good whiskey myself.

  3. Another great interview!!

  4. Leon, put the whiskey in the hot tea and you've got a Hot Toddy :D Great interview :) Thanks!

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  6. Great query advice by Leon. Will add him to my list of agents to query.

  7. Single malt Scotch. A connoisseur, no doubt. So, should I send some with my query? :-D

  8. I love that emotional connection trumps marketability. Smart guy!


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