Thursday, August 15, 2013

2 Character Bucket List: Tessa from Susanne Winnacker's IMPOSTER

We're excited to have Susanne Winnacker on the blog today. She's the author of Imposter, The Other Life, and its forthcoming sequel The Life Beyond. Thanks for sharing with us today, Susanne!

Tessa's Bucket List

Tessa, the main character of Impostor, has been an agent for FEA (Forces with Extraordinary Abilities) for two years and her bucket list would probably look like this:

1. Meeting her father and brother
Tessa was a toddler when they left her and her mother. She can’t remember them and her mother destroyed every photo of them.

2.Celebrating Christmas with a loving family
A loving family is something Tessa wants more than anything. That’s why it’s so hard for her to pretend to be Madison (the latest victim of the serial killer) in her first mission and be part of a family. Tessa’s mom never really took care of her.

3. Dating Alec
He’s a fellow FEA agent and a few years older than Tessa. He’s also the only person who really understands Tessa, since his parents haven’t exactly been kind to him either.

4. Being on a set of a horror movie production
Tessa loves horror movies, and so does Alec. They often spent evenings doing horror movie marathons.

5. Spending a day with her best friend Holly away from FEA headquarters and their supervision, just having fun and forgetting about her Variation
Tessa can absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and take on their appearance, but she really wants to feel like a normal girl for a day or two.

About the Book


Tessa is a Variant, able to absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and mimic their appearance. Shunned by her family, she’s spent the last two years training with the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities, a secret branch of the FBI.

When a serial killer rocks a small town in Oregon, Tessa is given a mission: she must impersonate Madison, a local teen, to find the killer before he strikes again.

Tessa hates everything about being an impostor—the stress, the danger, the deceit—but loves playing the role of a normal girl. As Madison, she finds friends, romance, and the kind of loving family she’d do anything to keep.

Amid action, suspense, and a ticking clock, this super-human comes to a very human conclusion: even a girl who can look like anyone struggles the most with being herself.

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About the Author

Susanne Winnacker studied law before she became a full-time writer. She lives with her husband, a dog and three bunnies in Germany. She loves coffee (in every shape and form), traveling and animals.
When she isn't writing, you can usually find her in the kitchen, experimenting with new vegan dishes. Her YA thriller IMPOSTOR has been optioned for TV by Warner Brothers!

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  1. I haven't started this series yet, but reading Susanne's bucket list makes me really want to read it. It shows what a cool idea the bucket list is to spotlight your story. Thanks so much.

  2. It's always interesting to read the bucket list of someone that has extraordinary ability. More times than not, they just want things normal folks knowing a little special love :-)


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