Sunday, August 4, 2013

6 Agent Judges for the August Pitch+250 Contest plus the 50 Submissions for Round 1

We're excited to announce our Agent Judges for the August Pitch+250 Contest. We are so grateful to these wonderful agents for taking the time to help us judge the contest, especially in the summer! We're waiting on confirmation from another agent as well, so keep an eye out for an update. You can view the Blogger and Author Judges here.

We're also thrilled to announce that we have an extra special prize for the winner of the contest: a 1st chapter critique from Marietta Zacker.... by PHONE! Yes, that's right, a phone call to discuss your 1st chapter with her.

Marietta Zacker, Nancy Gallt Literary Agency

Marietta has professionally experienced every aspect of children’s books for over 15 years, working with authors, illustrators, publishers, educators and readers. As an agent, she is passionate about bringing those worlds together. She represents authors whose words make her pause, shiver or laugh out loud and illustrators who add a completely different dimension to the story being told. Marietta approaches her work with the knowledge that there are remarkable books of all genres, targeted to all ages, just waiting to be discovered.

Katie Grimm, Don Congdon Associates

Katie joined Don Congdon Associates in 2007. In addition to maintaining her own client list, she acts as business manager. She focuses on vivid literary fiction, transportive historical fiction, up-market women’s fiction, cohesive short story collections, and lurid mysteries & thrillers with exotic or historical settings. In young adult, she is actively seeking both contemporary and fantastical high-concepts with a touch of romance. In middle grade, she looks for heart and humor with a strange or creepy twist. Most importantly, she is hooked by fiction with emotional resonance and longevity, and in her opinion, this requires an authentic voice, relatable characters, and a twisting plot that keeps her intrigued. For non-fiction, she is looking for narrative non-fiction about history, popular science, off-beat topics, and counter-culture. She is also a member of SCBWI.

50 Submissions for Round 1

Amadine – Silas Champion
Between Sound and Silence – Michelle Collins
Between the Wish and the Word – Melody Mansfield
Beyond Fair Street – Beth Dotson Brown
Blood King – Lyra Selene
Brimstone for Breakfast – Tasha Ellis
Caged – Shawna Watson
Carrion – Michelle LaMarca
Crossing Lau Dai La – Hong Tran
Crystal Clear – Dede Perkins
Dead Girls Can't Sing – Ammy Hall
Dream Leap – Mureall Hebert
Ember – Max Brunner
Enchanted Moon – Kimberly Wheaton
Falling for Fate – Aileen Iaccino
Fantasya: A Giant Problem – Kate I. Foley
From Stacey with Love – Linda Jackson
Gideon and the Nightmare Demon – Sarah Turnbull
Gone Wild – Martha Mayberry
How to Date Dead Guys – Ann M. Noser
Late Night Reflections on the Zombie Apocalypse – K.D. Atkins
Light in the Darkness – April Rose Carter
Mage Storm – Meredith Mansfield
Mighty Mike and the Alien Pez Dispenser – Marlene Moss
Nephilim – Hope Cook
Paloma Perez and the Bow Wow Bar Mitzvah – Suzanne Purvis
Past Secrets; Present Future – Nikola Vukoja
Playing with Fire – Margo Sorenson
Power of the Podium – Quiana Howard
Pygmy Hazards – Michelle Hauck
Ranked – Gina Thorwick
Rectify – Jo Riley
Sticks and Stones – Shawn McGuire
The Adviera Abductions – Jamie Krakover
The Dark Matter Chronicles – M.X. Kremzen
The End – Michele McCole Moss
The Indigo City – Shay Dee
The Interpreters – Kim Beck
The Mary Kennedys – Leslie Hauser
The Murder of Mr. George Wickham; The Bennett Sisters Ten Years On – Raven O’Brien
The Wildness in Mellie Feye – Candice Marley Conner
The Word Changers – Ashlee Willis Leakey
Through a Glass Darkly – Kimberly Vanderhorst
To Know Me – Marcy Blesy
Under Loch and Key – Liz Hanson
Under the Violet Sky – Michaele Stoughton
Unlimited Wishes – Pete Catalano
Wandaful – Michael Young
Whose Truth – M.E. Lane
Words In The Windowsill – Susan Nystoriak


  1. Congratulations to the 50 who made it through the first round! Can't wait to dig into those pages.

  2. I'm so excited to see who makes it! :D I love reading through a list of titles. There's so much inspiration and imagination in there waiting to be discovered.

  3. Three cheers for the submissions that made it through the first round. I'm very excited to see how things go :-)

  4. Commendation to the all who made it through the first round! Can't delay to cut into those pages. ~!~

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  5. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the rest of the contest.


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