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7 This Week's Pick and Mix for Readers and Writers

Thought for the Week

Reader Recommendation of the Week

I've had a bit of a talk with myself this week. It wasn't pretty. 

Part of the talk was driven by the fact that Google Reader is going away as of Monday, and part of it is because, post-book-deal, I'm realizing that I am going to need to juggle a few more things that I have been. 

Even now, it's impossible to discover and leave comments on other blogs as often as I would like, and my solution to that has been to post a huge list of links on Saturdays.

I've decided I'm going to have to stop doing that. I will still tweet what I can, but I won't post the list of links anymore.

Instead, I will pick a reader each week from among those who leave comments on the previous Thursday Character Bucket List or the Friday New YALit Releases post. I'll include a link to the reader's blog, if they have one, and I will ask them for a book recommendation, which I will spotlight here. The chosen reader will also get DOUBLE ENTRIES for the following Friday giveaway, provided they leave a comment and enter the giveaway.

Here we go. Are you ready?

Joni's Book Pick and Why She Loves It:

Choosing only one book is hard, but my go-to recommendation would have to be CINDER by Marissa Meyer. I'm sure that everyone has by this point at least heard of the LUNAR CHRONICLES, but I can't help but add my compliments. It's becoming an obsession, really. ^.^ Aside from some dystopian reads, I'm not really a big sci-fi reader. Still, this futuristic story managed to capture me completely. The skill with which the writing pulls you into the world is masterful and awe-worthy. The plot plays out with strong visuals that make it easy to see- as though watching an action-packed movie. (Really, where is my theatre release date?- because I'd be camping out opening night!) It's almost hard to call the books "fairytale retellings" because they read so original, real, and freshly sleek. However, the elements of our favorite Grimm and Andersen tales are put in in clever ways. I would recommend anyone and everyone give this series a try. Even those who aren't into science fiction or fairytales. As long as you like layered storytelling, a colorful cast of characters, and some epic action, these books are for you.

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Martina's Read of the Week:

I actually read this last week, but I'm going to choose Corrine Jackson's If I Lie

We don't talk a lot about honor these days, not nearly enough. If I Lie is all about honor and the hard choices that come with sacrificing for honor's sake. It's also a great example of an author letting the reader live the story instead of telling a story to the reader. It packs an emotional whallop, and I highly recommend it! 

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Quote of the Week:

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"Books are a weird collaboration between author and reader: You trust me to tell a good story and I trust you to bring it to good life in your mind. I can only hope I held up my end of the bargain."

That's lovely, isn't it? Do you ever think about the relationship between the reader and writer as you write? As you read?

How much of what you bring to the book creates your reading experience?

Giveaways This Week

We have two giveaways from among the books coming out next week, THIS IS W.A.R. by Lisa and Laura Roecker, and FOREVERMORE by Cindy Miles. Plus as always, the post includes book covers and blurbs for all the titles. Many of the authors also share what they love about their books. Looking for a great new read? You'll find it here!

Candace at Candace's Book Blog and Lori at Pure Imagination hosts a weekly Linky of Giveaways. Here's this week's:

Blogger of the Week

Similar to the Reader of the Week, I will pick a blogger to profile each week, with preference given to those who leave comments here on the blog any day but Thursdays and Fridays. The profile will include links to great content on their blog and a bit of something about the writer. I will also link to the profile in the sidebar here the rest of the week. 

Stacey Haggard Brewer writes fantasy, historical fantasy, and modern fantasy, but she also suffers from the occasional steampunk and sci-fi ambition. Stacey loves reading, herb gardening, drawing, and all manner of geekery and spends a good deal of the time she should spend writing dedicated to these pursuits.
She lives in southwest Missouri with her husband and her funny little dog whom she calls “Rabbit”.

Here are a few wonderful recent posts from Brewer's Cauldron:

Peek Inside the Industry

Via Wordpainting

Tip of the Week

If you're a Scrivener user, Justin Swapp offers 7 free templates to help you structure your novel or short story. These include:
  • The Seven Plot Point Structure
  • The Hero's Journey Template
  • Two Snowflake Method Templates
  • A Beat Sheet Template
  • A Mystery Novel Template 
  • and more... 

Writing Life and Inspiration

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Just for Fun

More Great Round-Ups

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What About You?

 What have you been up to this week? What are you writing? What are you reading? Books? Blog posts you want to share? Sound off! I'd love to know. :)

Happy writing,



  1. I like this idea for your blog. But what does it mean "google reader" is going away? I'm so far behind you in so many ways!! I finished listening to Messenger by Lois Lowry and am on the last chapter of this draft. AND I got RSS Feed on my blog courtesy of you know who. Big accomplishment!

    1. Hi Carol,

      Google Reader is the tool I use to read all the posts that come out from the blogs and information sources to which I subscribe. I usually end up going through 500 posts a day looking for new information, information that is written in a new way, and things that interest me. It's also the way I can make sure I give a shout out to people who deserve it by tweeting and, up until now, sharing the posts with our readers here at Adventures in YA Publishing. It would be flat out impossible for me to physically visit all those blogs, but with Google Reader, I can scan through snippets, mark things I want to come back to for a closer read, and then read the full articles when I have a few minutes at a time.

      For anyone who is interested, I actually do not read in Google Reader itself, but in Mr. Reader, an app for iPad that syncs with Google Reader. Feedly has announced that it will be replacing Google Reader with much of the same functionality, and I found out today that Mr. Reader will be able to integrate with Feedly. Woo hoo! That's awesome, and it means that I will be able to maintain my twitter feed by providing the great resources that I find throughout the week.

      Okay, end techie stuff.

      Congrats on finishing Messenger! Did you like it?

      And HUGE congrats on hitting the last chapter of your WIP. That's cause for celebration! I hope it's close to being a final draft. Mine always need at least 8 before I end up with something semi-coherent! :)

      Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Love the quote about reading being great therapy. ;)

    1. I do too! It's the ultimate comfort tool. Do you save great books for when you need them, the emotionally rainy days? I sure do! :)

  3. Wow, that's a lot of great links and recommendations! Thanks for linking back to me. I'll be checking out some of these other links.

    1. I loved your posts, so thank YOU! I hope you enjoy the other links as much as I enjoyed yours. :)

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for choosing me as your 'Blogger of the Week'! I'm so ... well... I don't think 'flattered' quite covers the happy dance I just did around my kitchen. :-D

    To anyone who comes to visit me there: I'm afraid I've been a bit distracted by my WIP and an editing project, so the Cauldron has gotten a little dusty, but I'll have some new content for you ASAP!

    And thank you so much for the content here! I don't write YA or children's books specifically, but I always find valuable information here that works for any genre.

    You put up a picture of a corgi puppy, and I just can't resist a corgi puppy (just ask Rabbit).


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