Sunday, June 2, 2013

4 QotW: Finding Summer Writing Time

Question of the Week
June 2, 2013
What’s your best tip for finding summer writing time?

Happy June! Although summer doesn’t technically start until the 21st, summer activities have already begun. The next three months will be filled with beaches, road trips, barbeques, and ice cream. For those of us with kids out of school for the summer, finding time to write may be almost impossible. How do you find time to write when the summer sun is luring you outside?

My answer: Historically, summers have been my least productive time of the year. But I'm not going to let that happen in 2013! This summer, I’m going to bring my little netbook with me everywhere and write whenever and wherever I can - even at amusement parks. My family lives only ten minutes from Six Flags Great America and we go at least once a week. Fun for them, not-so-fun for me: I get viciously car-sick (seriously - even swinging on a playground swing for three minutes puts me out of commission for the rest of the day), so I can’t go on any of the roller coasters. This summer, while my crew stands in those forever-long lines for the rides, I'm going to use that time for writing. I’ll find a bench in the shade, pull out my handy-dandy little netbook, and write a scene or two.

Being accountable to my writing friends also motivates me to get those words on the page. I mentioned in a previous QotW that my friends and I share our weekly writing goals with each other. This summer, my dear friend and fellow YA author Erica O'Rourke and I are starting a daily "butt-in-chair" challenge, and we'd love it if you'd join us. Stop by my blog or Erica's blog on Monday, June 3, for the details!

What about you? How do you find time to write during the summer? Or do you slow down, perhaps even take a break for 3 months? Share your favorite tips!


  1. As one of those writing friends, I can vouch for the benefits of being accountable. I feel bad if I don't meet the goals i send you. And I'm always inspired by how much you manage to do!

    1. Pshaw. YOU, Miss Martina, have so much to do and I'm always amazed that you can do it all so easily! Your goal list blows me away every week!

  2. I like the summers because it's light for longer so I feel more awake in the evenings. But I seem to get REALLY busy ever summer, so in practice my best writing time is actually the autumn. NaNoWriMo works really well for me!

  3. I keep thinking summer will be perfect because I can write on the porch. But I'm out in my garden in the mornings & evenings when it's cool - and mid-day is just too hot! And after all that work, I'm tired and fall face first into the keyboard. argh!
    Still, I aim for a couple or three hours a day and fill up a tall glass with ice tea and do some scribbling.


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