Sunday, May 5, 2013

26 Announcing the Top 50 for the May Pitch+250 Contest

Congratulation to the authors of the top 50 entries in the May Pitch+250 Contest! These entries will be moving on to Round 1, where they will be scored by our fabulous blogger judges.

Accordian Girl - Sharon Edge Martin
Cadence - Julia Byers
Caretta, Caretta - Deborah Rocheleau
Creatures of Smokeless Fire - Alwyn Hamilton
Crossing Lau Dai La - Hong Tran
Crossing the Divide - Heather Raglin
Dog Days of Summer - Sheri Levy
Dot Reaper - Mike Saunders
Dragoneer: Hard Truths - Sumbee
Duplicity - Natalie Knaub
Earth to Earth - Amanda Leigh
Field of Bones - Ava Jae
Fighting Chance - Amy Trueblood
Firebird - Melissa Grey
From Everywhere to Here - Sandra Cormier
Gerta and Isobel - Nicole Martin-Iverson
Girl of Light and Shadow - Emily Watson
Harvester - Rachel Russell
Hum of the Hills - Corrie Haluga
Inkstained - Rebecca Ann Jordan
Livid Shift - DiNae' Billingsley
Mighty Mike and the Alien Pez Dispenser - Marlene Moss
Moon Strings - Leslie S. Rose
Mouth of the South - Patricia Nesbitt
Nightmute - Courtney Washburn
No Such Thing - Sarah Glenn Marsh
Of Blood and Roses - Molly Pinto Madigan
Off Edge - Carol Barreyre
Play It Cool, Claire - Olivia Hinebaugh
Prom B*tch - Ami Allen-Vath
Ragdoll - Pasha Westbrook
Rancho Tails - C. Ramirez
Roach - Cristy Burne
Smoke and Ashes - Michelle Merrill
Soul Seeker - Sescha Young
Soul Ties - Lisa Swallow
The Drink and the Wheel - Fonda Lee
The Existence of Bea Pearl - Candice Marley Conner
The Expiration Date - Erica Martin
The Good Demon - Ryan Hill
The Lucky Few - Erin L. Schneider
The School in the Sky - Ryan Howlett
The Thirteenth Subject - Krystal Marquis
The Truth About Justice - Meg Eastman Thompson
Tic Tac Toed - Jill Donaldson
To Save My Life - Lindsey Frydman
Unfinished Business - Mel Hill
Voice Lessons - Kindra Keitel
Whiff - Becky Swanberg
Zorya - Tom Brosz


  1. I'm in! Woo! Congrats to the other 49 who made it through!

  2. So excited! Congrats to the top 50!

  3. Congrats to everyone! :D Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

  4. Yay! Thanks for posting this early :) Congrats to everyone!

  5. Congrats to those talented 50.

  6. Congrats!!! Especially my CP Krystal! Love The Thirteenth Subject!! You will too! I am crossing my fingers and toes! I shall try again next time! Never give up!

    1. Aww Thanks! And yes, never give up! :D Congrats to the other 49!

  7. Congratulations to the winners!!! I've got a lot of work to fi, but glad I tried anyway:). How often is the pitch contest?

    1. About every 3 months. We're planning to host the next one in August.

    2. Yay!! By then I'll have worked with an editor. Can't wait to try again -- such a great site you have here!!

  8. Congratulations everyone!

  9. Oh yay! I guess I mentally prepared myself for nothing. ^_^

    Congrats to everyone else who made it, and for those who didn't, don't give up!

  10. Oh my goodness; how wonderful! Thank you for the marvelous opportunity!! And congrats to all the other winners. Yay, Kindra! =)

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  12. Congrats to everyone as well! I think I recognize some of the titles from the most recent secret agent contest... Which means very stiff competition! :D

  13. So excited to be a part of this contest! Congrats to the top 50! Aaaand... yay Pasha!!! ;)

  14. Congrats! I'd love to hear what everyone's pitches were. Will any be published as part of the blog? And forgive me for being over-eager, but when is the next round? ;)

    1. When we get to the top 10, they will be posted on the blog.
      The Round 1 judges have the submissions now. We'll be announcing the top 25 next Sunday.

  15. Oh, I made it! Congrats both to everyone who entered - how tough this must be, I bet there were more than 50 I'd want to read. Thank you those who put these incredibly fun contests together. Someday ... I'll be able to pay it forward.

  16. The word gobsmacked applies here. 10 pounds of chocolate thanks for the honor of being in the top 50. Congratulations to everyone who risked putting their work out there. Well done!

  17. Wow! Just checked the site to see if the names were up. I saw my story made it!!! Thank you all for all the support and hard work you've done. I will float through the day!! Hugs to all.

  18. Congrats to all who entered and all who are moving forward!

  19. Good luck to all who made the cut!

  20. Just now remembered I entered this, and I made the Top 50!!! This is so exciting! :D Congratulations, everyone!


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