Friday, April 26, 2013

1 Character Bucket List - Kiki Strike and Kirsten Miller

Kiki Strike’s first brush with mortality occurred shortly after her birth, when her entire family was poisoned by a wig-wearing, power-hungry aunt. Since then, the girl mastermind/kung-fu movie star/renegade princess has cheated death on countless occasions. So as you might imagine, Kiki Strike has given great thought to the list of things she would like to accomplish in what she fears may be a very short life.

She began keeping a bucket list at the age of ten. The version you see below is already out of date. Those of you who keep up with current events will know that many items have already been crossed off this list.

1. Eat a hamburger. (And survive.)
2. Master “The Art of the Eight Limbs.”
3. Attempt a tan.
4. Avenge parents’ deaths.
5. Renounce the throne of Pokrovia.
6. Take a cruise on a Gowanus Canal houseboat.
7. Tell Oona Wong the truth about her sister. (Break it gently!)
8. Pay a little visit to Ananka’s publisher.
9. Find the locomotive buried beneath Brooklyn.
10. Free the chinchillas.
11. Renovate Bannerman’s Castle.
12. Write the ultimate guide to chemical-free rodent removal.
13. Complete the map of the Shadow City.
14. Recruit the next generation of Irregulars.
15. Add a few entries to the Irregular Guide to New York City and blow Ananka Fishbein’s mind.

About the Author

Kirsten Miller is the author of the acclaimed Kiki Strike trilogy as well as the New York Times bestselling The Eternal Ones. Her latest novel is How to Lead a Life of Crime. She lives in Brooklyn, where it's always wise to think like a criminal.

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About the Series

Five delinquent Girl Scouts, a million hungry rats, one secret city beneath Manhattan, and a butt-kicking girl superspy- Welcome to the world of Kiki Strike.

The Kiki Strike series is a series of novels revolving about the adventures of six girls in Manhattan. Told from Ananka's point of view, these books describe the adventures of the Irregulars, a group of girls who join together to explore the underground city under Manhattan called "The Shadow City."

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