Monday, February 25, 2013

1 Pitch+250 - Starwisp

Name: Rebecca Harwell
Title: Starwisp
Genre: YA science fiction


Breaking into a high security space station and getting out with anything but cuffs on your wrists is impossible for most 26th century thieves, but Jez Starwisp isn't your average criminal. Raised on a backwards colony where the most advanced tech was a butter churn, she knows her way around lock picks and other archaic tools that top of the line security isn't designed to handle. Together with her annoying android partner, Jez sets out to make a name for herself as the greatest thief in the Stymphalian solar system.

Her next target: Stymphalian Station Beta and a priceless statue belonging to an important delegate. Everything goes according to plan, until the delegate enters the vault as she's robbing it. Before he can raise an alarm, a security guard walks in and shoots the delegate, leaving Jez alive and well to take the blame. With a murder charge on her head, half the solar system is after her (not quite the infamy she wanted), and Jez is staring at the very real possibility of being sent to the inescapable prison planet for life. Along with the help of a bitter adversary, unscrupulous space pirates, and some old-fashioned skill, Jez has to clear her name, stop a murderer, and, oh, save a planet.

The Stymphalian system asked for a hero. They got a thief.

1st 250:
That stupid android wasn’t listening to me again.
I covered my ears against the wailing siren and bent over the hatch. Below, the ladder disappeared into the darkness of the engine bay, punctuated by flashing red emergency lights. I squinted and called down, “Hapi? Just want to let you know I picked our mark for the job at Stymphalian Beta. When we get to the station, we’re stealing the statue.”

The ship shuddered, sending me flying across the tiny bridge and into a rusty metal wall. My breath escaped in a puff. I rubbed my elbow where it’d cracked against the steel. Underneath my tangled legs, the Disharmony’s engines sputtered. My teeth buzzed from the vibrations, and my pulse thundered in my ears.

“I’m a little busy now, Jez. Perhaps we can discuss this later.” Hapi’s voice drifted up from the bottom level of the ship. I crawled back to the hatch. The android’s subtle blue glow stood out against the dark. With inhuman speed, he rushed between engine panels, fiddling around where steam hissed up into the bay.

I gripped the edge of the ladder as another jolt rocked the Disharmony and forced myself to calm down. My gut twisted at the thought of possible engine failure, but that oversized blue computer didn’t need a frightened human to add to his list of things to deal with.

Not to mention he’d never let me live it down.

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