Monday, February 25, 2013

1 Pitch+250 - A Song in Winter

Name: Kate Michael
Genre: YA Fantasy

When tragedy strikes, 17-year-old Genna retreats deeper into the cocoon of silence she’s maintained since childhood–until Coll, her otherworldly guardian, appears and reveals what she is: one chosen by the gods, destined to become the Immortal Season, Winter. Hunted by a sorceress who has loosed an ancient evil, Genna must now harness her gifts of Song and Air to defend both herself, and the Winter Lands that stand poised on the knife-edge of war. But power always demands a price. Immersed in a dangerous, glittering realm of myth and legend, Genna must make a choice: her destiny, or her mortal life. If she returns home, she’ll lose the one she’s come to love. If she accepts her birthright, she’ll lose the only family she has left, and possibly her soul as well.

First 250:
On the day of my birth, the Winter Solstice, I did not cry, as most newborn infants do when thrust into an unknown world devoid of the warmth and safety of their mother's womb.

I sang.

Only a few notes to be sure, but they were pure, and held the breath of magic.

My mother, who knew nothing of the worlds that shadowed our own, merely smiled and cradled me to her, calling me her little songbird. Little could she have known her words prophetic, or that she would not live to see them fulfilled.

She gave me the name Genevieve, from her favorite operetta and the legendary heroine for which it was written. My sister Natalia, born ten years before me on Christmas Eve, was likewise named for musical inspiration, hers aptly chosen from the Cantica Natalia.

My sister and I both inherited our mother’s raven locks and pale skin, but where Natalia’s eyes were hazel, like our mother’s, mine shone grey, like a winter sky before snowfall. Our mother’s love and talent for music passed naturally to us as well, though for me it was somewhat different.

I did not know it then, but I had been marked by the gods as surely as the stars mark the heavens.

Oddly enough, few knew I could sing. My mother often said that her daughters’ talents far surpassed her own and Natalia would happily sing when asked, her clear contralto silencing everyone in the room.

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  1. Wow! Such hard choices at the end of the pitch. Sounds like a great story.


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