Saturday, January 12, 2013

8 This Week for Writers 1/5/13 - 1/11/13


On Being a Slow, Inefficient, Imperfect Writer - an amazing post by Jessica Spotswood on not being perfect.

Interview with Sarah LaPolla - and a query contest.

Breaking Down Story Structure - Lydia Sharp breaks down the story structure of Act One of Morning Glory.

Query Techniques - Ink in the Book posts some basic query tips.

The Writer's Guide to Rocking it on Twitter - Molly Jaffa talks about how to use Twitter to your advantage.

Lessons From Being Critiqued - Elana Johnson talks about character flaws.

What I've Said No To Lately - Kristin Nelson lists recent rejections.

On Advice From Interns - Pam van Hylckama Vlieg talks about taking advice from interns.

Not Another Book Without a Hook - Janet Kobobel Grant on hooks.

Three Revealing Quotes About Writing and Life - Jurgen Wolff talks about three amazing quotes.

Understanding Your Agent  - Rachelle Gardner on how to understand your agent.

More on Promo and Approaching Promo in 2013 - Elizabeth Craig on promo.

About Villians - Cassandra Claire talks about villians and not apologizing for them.

Editing After Critique - Dahlia Adler guest posts on Pen and Muse about editing after you receive critiques.

Check out these great posts from Operation Awesome's Revision Conference:
Revisions from An Editor's POV - Erin Molta
Secondary Characters Who Sizzle - Georgia McBride
Agent Q&A Part 2: Querying
Letting Characters Be Themselves - Elana Johnson
Writing and Revising a Different Culture - Cole Gibsen
Goal, Motivation, and Conflict - Phoebe North
Devil in the Details: Editing for Content - Christine Fonseca
Revising Your Teenage Voice - Lauren Morrill
Write Drunk, Edit Sober - Gretchen McNeil
Agent Q&A Part 3: Marketing & Publicity
How I Revise - Gennifer Albin

Writing a Believable Male Character - John Hansen guest posts on YA Highway.

9 Tips For Writing a Really Good "Shitty First Draft" - Lisa Cron on drafting.

First Pages and Beginnings - Cait Peterson of YA Misfits talks about beginnings.

Bringing the Past Into the Future - Mary Kole on progress and making things matter.

The Finishing Touches - Jael McHenry posts about putting the finishing touches on your manuscript.

Good Storytellers Show (And Don't Tell ((Except Sometimes))) - Bethany Griffin visits show vs. tell.

Awareness of Language - Kaitlin Ward on being deliberate in your choice of words.

The Art of Productive Communication - Mary Keeley at Books & Such give tips on communicating professionally.

When Should You Stop Revising - Janice Hardy on how to know when your novel is done.

Fifty Shades of Editing - Stina Lindenblatt talks about levels of editing.

How Chuck Wendig Edits a Novel - you guessed it, it's Chuck Wendig on how he edits a novel.

How To Start a Novel Right - Jessica Strawser gives five tips for starting a novel.

Structuring Your Story's Scenes Part 5 - K.M. Weiland gives options for disasters in a scene.

5 Tips for Avoiding Query PTSD - Kat Ellis shares tips that will make the query process easier on you.

3Vs of Fiction by Darcy Pattison: Vision, Vulnerability, and Voice

Connect With Readers' Emotions: How To Make People Cry - Karen Woodward gives three ways to reach your readers.

Are Writer Conferences a Worthwhile Investment? - Chip MacGregor talks about conferences.


We're Glad We Survived the Apocalypse - the Publishing Crawl gals tell what books they are looking forward to in 2013.

Reading For Pleasure? Who Has Time For That Anymore? - Jody Hedlund wants us all to make time for reading.

Other Weekly Roundups
Cynsational News and Giveaways
Twitterific by Elizabeth S. Craig
Field Trip Friday by YA Highway
Field Trip Friday: Writing Highlights by Kate Hart
Cool Links Friday by Stina Lindenblatt


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    And thanks for reminding me to go back and read the Operation Awesome revision posts. I was sick last weekend and didn't get to it.

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  3. I know how much work these posts take to do. Thanks for the great round up. I completely missed the OW revision posts (among many others).

  4. Fantastic list! Thanks for including my post on it. :)

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