Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 Free Month-Long 1st 5 Pages Workshop Opens at Noon Today with Guest Mentor Leah Cypess


8/6: Note: I am SO sorry. I have been on a deadline and Marissa was kind enough to say that she would handle the workshop, but when I switched email settings so she could get the incoming entries, I messed something up. The result is that I will make an exception and use the entries that I have so far, in the order that I originally received them, until I hit 5, even if the formatting has  not been corrected. Please note that we had an inordinate number of entries that didn't follow all the submission guidelines. I know this sounds petty and picky, but really, it takes so much time to try to put entries up readably without all the microsoft style crap that slows down the blog. Especially this weekend, I just don't have time to go through all those entries and do it manually. I wish I did.

With apologies,


This month's First Five Pages Workshop will open for submissions at noon and run through the 24th. You can find the rules here. Be sure to follow the formatting and submission criteria precisely, and be sure that you can continue the full month. We can only take the first five participants who follow the submission guidelines, and it is unfair for anyone to drop out because they can't take the constructive criticism. The goal of the workshop is to make the work the absolute best that it can be, and that doesn't happen exclusively through praise. On the other hand, we also require that you provide feedback to the other participants, and that ALL comments are provided kindly and constructively.

We are beyond fortunate this month to have a true writing master to help mentor the workshop -- acclaimed fantasy author Leah Cypess.

If you haven't read Leah's novels MISTWOOD or NIGHTSPELL, you are seriously missing out. MISTWOOD was a Kirkus 2010 Best Book for Teens, and NIGHTSPELL is just out now in paperback. You can visit Leah’s website or find her blogging at The Enchanted Inkpot, or on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I'm familiar with Leah Cypess! In fact, I recently left a review on Amazon for her short story collection, Changelings.

    Now, I have 400 words until I can submit a 1250 word entry. What time zone are you using?

    1. Never mind for the last part. I read the guidelines. Noon. Got it. That means I have a little more than a half hour.

  2. Mistwood is on my TBR list. I've been enchanted with the cover since I first time I saw it.

    1. Leslie, it is AMAZING. One of my favorite teen fantasy reads of all time. There is so much dimention in it, and it is fresh and gorgeously written. Leah is a master.


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