Sunday, May 6, 2012

0 1st 5 Pages May Workshop Entries Are Up for Comment

The five entries for our May First Five Pages Workshop are posted below. We invite everyone to come and read and comment. As a quick reminder, please note that we are not line editing. Comments should reflect your level of interest in continuing to read beyond the first five pages, your understanding of the story and where it is going, plot development, character development, balance of narrative to dialogue, etc.

Please also remember to be courteous and constructive. We all have to put on our big-writer pants and understand that improvement doesn't happen with kudos and praise, but delivering the suggestions for improvement in a positive way can go a long way toward helping the writer to see past the problem to finding a potential solution.

And remember, our guest mentor this month is Kat Zhang. Please extend her every courtesy and give her a big welcome.

Happy editing,

Martina and Lisa

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