Friday, February 24, 2012

10 This Week for Writers 2/24/12: Our Favorite Articles and Blog Posts

I'm sorry, but no giveaway this week because I'm still traveling due to a death in the family. We'll do a double giveaway next week--we have SO many great books that have come in recently!

Have a great weekend,


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Social Media, Book Promotion, and Self-Publishing

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Other Weekly Round-Ups:
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Clara and Martina


  1. I loved Janice Hardy's article on YA voice! Good stuff. Thanks for the linky list, gals! and have a great weekend. :)

  2. Thanks for all the great links, including my interview of Jenna, who is published at 15. So sorry for the death in your family.

  3. Awesome links and much appreciated that you do this. Wow, my post is here! Thank you, ladies! It's exciting to be included with so many amazing bloggers on this equally incredible blog. :)

    I'm sorry about the death in your family, Martina. Wishing you comfort and peace and safe travels.

  4. Martina, I'm so sorry to hear about the death in your family :(

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you gals put into this post. And thanks so much for the mention!

  5. I went straight to the links initially and missed the part about your family death, Martina. So sorry to hear that. Take care, and have safe travels. That's more important than a giveaway.

  6. Appreciating the links again, more so realizing the loss you've experienced. Condolences during this tough time...

  7. Sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for the awesome job done here.

  8. Sorry to hear of your loss - take care.

    Thanks for the links - just got my computer back so I'll catch up on a few! :)

  9. Oh Martina, I'm sorry for your loss. Sending hugs.

  10. Martina, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending hugs and loving thoughts your way.


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