Saturday, February 4, 2012

1 Month-Long February 1st 5 Pages Workshop Opens at Noon Today

Update 12:40 PM. Workshop is full. We'll start a new workshop the first Saturday in March for additional manuscripts. In the meantime, please come provide comments when we post these manuscripts on Monday! Thank you!

The Workshop is OPEN send in your manuscripts!
Okay, I confess. Major distractions this month, which loosely translated into quilt-speak means today TOTALLY snuck up on me. First Saturday of the month? Really?

So. Here's what we're going to do. I'll go ahead and open the workshop at noon as usual, but since no one has had time to prepare for it, we'll just leave it open until we get five guinea pigs suckers incredibly dedicated writers eager to resculpt the openings of their masterpieces all month. If that doesn't happen by next, say, Wednesday, I'll post what we have on Thursday so that we can still get the second round started with revisions due by Sunday night. Sound okay?

As always, the full rules are HERE under the workshops section. As always, if your submission doesn't follow the rules, all the rules, it won't count until I get a clean sub. It probably won't matter this time, but when we have a lot of submissions, I usually take the first five that follow the rules before I will notify someone to fix something. Usually. If your manuscript is something I'm dying to read more of, I may save a spot just because I'm human. But still. Follow the rules, peeps. I won't open attachments. And as much as I wish otherwise, neither Lisa nor I have enough hours in the day to actually read and comment AND take time to reformat your documents and put in paragraph returns because they came in full of formatting that messes with blogger. PLAIN TEXT please in your emails, with double returns between paragraphs!!! I can't stress that enough.

Anyway, as I said. Workshop will open at noon. First five entries. First 1250 words. YA or MG.

Happy Saturday!


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