Monday, November 14, 2011

0 1st 5 Pages November Workshop First Revisions Are Up

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Had an appendicitis scare with my daughter last night, which mercifully turned out to be something that doesn't require surgery. So yay. But it meant a long afternoon and night at the emergency room.

The first round of revisions is up and ready to be guided by our guest editors, Cathy Yardley and Susan Sipal. Participants, please comment on each other's work. In fact, everyone is invited and encouraged to participate by leaving courteous and constructive comments. We welcome input from readers as well as writers. And at this stage, we are not worried about words, grammar, and polish. We are still focusing on structure. Who is the story about? What is the story? Does the voice work? Is it conveying the right tone and mood for the story the author is trying to set up? Do we have a clear opening image? Is the voice right for the genre and age-group? Is there enough interest to hook the reader?

You all know the drill by now. Approach this analytically. If you are a writer, this will make it easier for you to approach your own work more systematically. If you are a reader, help us out and ensure you get the next great batch of books. Ultimately, we write to be read, right?

Hope you all have a lovely week,


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