Saturday, October 1, 2011

0 October 1st Five Pages Workshop is Open

Note: The Workshop is now full. We'll start a new round the first Saturday of September, so check back then!

It's time for the October 1st Five Pages Workshop. We'll start today, October 1st, and take the first five middle grade or young adult manuscripts received by email starting at noon. Lisa Gail Green and I will tell you what we see in those first five pages with respect to your voice, plot, characters, setting, pacing and writing in general. If appropriate, we'll try to help you pull your hook forward and strengthen your voice and structure.

You'll also get feedback and comments from your peers throughout the month, and have the opportunity to post revisions each week so you'll end up the strongest possible start.

The rules are simple:

1. Manuscripts must be middle grade or young adult.
2. Manuscripts do not need to be completed, but must be your own, original work.
3. Send us ONLY the first five pages, with each page approximately 250 words. Max 1250 words.
4. Do NOT send any synopsis or summary information.
5. Do include your name and genre at the top:
    Your Name:   Jane Doe
    Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
6. Send the entry in plain text in the body of the email, single spaced, with a carriage return between paragraphs:



7. Be prepared to receive honest, constructive feedback.
8. Be prepared to provide honest, constructive feedback to each of your fellow workshop participants in a kind and courteous manner.

That's it. Those are the rules. The first five entries that follow them and mail them to kidlit (at) writeedge dot com after noon today will be in.

I will post the entries on the blog on Monday, and notify you as soon as possible in the meantime if you are in.

Happy writing!

Martina and Lisa

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