Friday, April 1, 2011

13 Best Articles This Week for Writers 4/1/11

After the Sale
Book Reviews
  • EXCELLENT news for Victoria Schwab! [Victoria's Secrets] Holly Root at the Waxman Literary Agency has sold THE ARCHIVED to Abby Ranger at Disney-Hyperion.
  • Book Deal Announced! [Presenting Lenore] WOW! Lenore Appelhans's debut YA novel LEVEL 2 sold to Justin Chanda and Alexandra Cooper at Simon & Schuster Children's in a pre-empt major deal, along with teh film rights to CBS Films, also in a pre-empt.
  • The Big News! [Sarah Tales] Sarah Rees Brennan has a deal for a new YA Gothic Romance trilogy that will begin with LISTEN FOR A WHISPER. The series will be edited by Mallory Loehr at Random House Childrens'.
  • Very Exciting News!!! [Tales from the Real OC (Really!)] Congrats to @AlysonNoel for getting film options on all 10 books in The Immortals & Riley Bloom series!
  • Show Me The Voice Contest . . .We Have Winners! [Brenda Drake Writes . . . under the influence of coffee.] Congrats to Mer Snow, Taffy Lovell, and Katy Upperman for winning @BrendaDrake's Show Me the Voice Contest with @Natalie_Fischer!
  • Bookish News this Week! [A Blog about Nothing] Lots of wonderful YA news this week!
  • Winner of the GRAND PRIZE PACK! [Cambria Dillon] Congrats to all the winners of @CambriaDillon's week-long contest!
  • Amy Tan Inks Deal with HarperCollins [GalleyCat] Tan's THE VALLEY OF AMAZEMENT sold by Sandra Dijkstra to HarperCollins.
  • Drumroll Please -- The Cover of Darkfall [The Other Side of the Story] Brilliant new cover for DARKFALL, releasing 10/4/11. Congrats, @Janice_Hardy!
  • Brian Selznick’s Cover Unveiled for ‘Wonderstruck’ [GalleyCat] Congrats to Scholastic and Brian Selznick for the beautiful cover of WONDERSTRUCK.
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  3. Great links as always. I'm giving away a copy of TerryLynn Johnson's Dogsled Dreams on Literary Rambles and the contest ends tomorrow at midnight.

  4. I always have such fun reading the Congrats section. Very exciting. ;o) Thanks for the usual dizzying list of linkies, girls!

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  11. Wow, this is an impressive list.
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