Saturday, April 2, 2011

7 1st 5 Pages Workshop - April Entries Are Up

Comments are open on the workshop entries! Please help us give these writers a hand!

Okay, the April entries are up. Anyone who did not make it in, thank you for sending your entries and please submit again next month. We will be starting another workshop on 5/7.

Comments on the individual entries will remain closed until Lisa and I have an opportunity to get our thoughts together. Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to read, enjoy, and think what kind, constructive, insights you can offer. Think globally in this initial pass. Look beyond individual words and phrases to the underlying concept, plot, structure, character, voice, and general writing issues.

Thanks for participating everyone!

Martina and Lisa


  1. I don't understand why I got a non-compliance email for my entry.

    If the word count was meant to be an approximation, then why didn't you let my entry pass? I sent less than five pages and it was far closer to 1500 words than it was 2000 or something. I included the genre and it was one that was allowed.

    I don't understand this. Not at all.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have butterflies in my stomach, but pen in hand for taking notes. After reading last month's workshop entries, I know I'm going to learn a lot.

  3. ROFL, I came up here and typed out a comment to ask why I couldn't post to any of the entries.


    I guess I should have read this one before the entries. (yes, sadly, I'm that easily confuzzled.)


  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm sorry if this seems inexplicable, however I explained in the email I sent to ALL those who sent manuscripts, both before I made the decision to request resubmission and after. Let me restate: the instructions for the workshop clearly state that a page is approximately 250 words. Doing the math, that means aproximately 1250 words, so 1500 words would be a full extra page of additional work for us. Over the course of the workshop, that could be four additional pages, and if we allowed that for everyone, it's twenty additional pages.

    Like most other writers, Lisa and I have jobs, families, blogs, and other betas to read, plus our own WIPs and publishing lives. We are doing this to help other writers, because we enjoy doing it, but there has to be a limit. Most of the entries we received were over 1600 words, and many did not include the genre at all.

    Out of all the entries we received at first, only one followed all the rules.



  5. I'm sorry, but it's frustrating to finally get through for something like this when you try to make it in under the wire with similar contests elsewhere and then get called on something so small as a different interpretation of what approximate means.

    Just delete my comment. I was venting and should have done it a different way.

  6. Anonymous, I understand your frustration. I do. However, twenty percent isn't an interpretation of approximate.

    If you'd like to email me privately and tell me which entry was yours, I will take a quick look at your submission and briefly give you the main points to work on before the workshop next month. I will extend that offer to anyone whose address I included in my last email.


  7. I will echo Martina's offer above. It may take me a few days or so to get back to you, but I'm happy to do it because of all the confusion. :D


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