Saturday, April 16, 2011

0 1st 5 Pages Workshop - April 2nd Revision Round

Next revision round is up! We only have four entries this week. Unfortunately, Lisa had a death in the family, so she will be unable to participate this week, but she will try to catch up next weekend when we have the final round for the month.

Everyone, please pitch in and help. But remember! Be kind. Be courteous. There is plenty to praise and encourage in each of these manuscripts, and if you don't have the time to phrase your comments nicely and courteously, then please don't post your comments until you have more time to participate constructively. It is much easier to learn what we need to learn when we haven't put up defensive barriers, right? We've all been there!

That said, Lisa and I are impressed with the critiques you are giving each other. Awesome job, everyone!

Happy critiquing,

Martina and Lisa

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