Thursday, March 31, 2011

6 In Stores This Week: Contest Winners!

Just like Charlie Sheen, we love winning!

The winner of C.C. Hunter's BORN AT MIDNIGHT is...


The winners of Cindy Pon's FURY OF THE PHOENIX are..

MarcyKate and Hayley!!!

The winners of Angela Cerrito's THE END OF THE LINE are...

Kaya H and Bridgid Gallagher!!!

Thank you authors and publishers for making this post possible week after week. And speaking of winning? Wait until you see next week. At last count, we've got 13 interviews and 20 giveaways!!!

Happy reading,
The Ladies of ACP


  1. Congrats to the winners. Next week sounds awesome.

  2. Congrats winners and oh drool for next week!
    Thank you!

  3. ooh! YAY! Thanks so much for running these contests!

  4. Yay Bridgid! Congrats!

    Congrats to all the other winners too. I was just excited to see someone I know win.

  5. Wow -- awesome! Thanks for the contest! :) I'm super-excited to read Angela's book! (In case all the exclamation points didn't give that away...) Congrats to the other winners!


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