Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 Best Articles This Week for Writers 1/27/11

Marissa, Cam, Cici, and I are all at SCBWI-NY (YAY!), so this week's round-up is through Wednesday only. We apologize for the delay in posting! We'll catch up with the rest of the week in next Friday's round-up post. But there are still a LOT of great articles this week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Craft of Writing
To Market
Social Media
  • A Wait Well Worth It [Katie Ganshert] Hooray! Kate Ganshert scores a 2-book deal with Multnomah Waterbrook.
After the Sale
Book Reviews
Issues and Trends
Other Weekly Round-Ups:
Did we miss anything? Anyone? Please leave a comment!

Happy reading and joyous writing,

Martina, Marissa, Clara, Cam and Cici


  1. You guys are awesome. You produce amazing posts even when you're at a conference! Thanks so much for the mention, and for all the great links. I hope you guys have a blast!

  2. Thanks for all the links! I missed some of them. Have fun at the conference.

  3. Hope you're having fun in NYC! I"m jealous.

  4. How on earth do you guys do this every single week!?!? I get exhausted just reading through your list! I'm so impressed! Hope you're having a great time in NYC!

  5. You guys are amazing! I never figured you'd be putting this up with being away. I can't wait to hear all the great stuff that happened!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  6. Wowee always head-spinning! THX for the shout-out!

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