Thursday, October 7, 2010

35 Serious Question: What's in Our Name?

Marissa and I are considering changing the name of the blog from Adventures in Children's Publishing to Adventures in Creative Publishing Adventures in Literature. What do you all think?

We're a little concerned that our current name may be discouraging to our YA readers, and we definitely want to encourage teens to come and participate in the giveaways and discover great new books to read. So... what to do, what to do?

But whatever we do, we want to do it soon.

Help? We'd love your input. What does Adventures in Creative Publishing Literature say to you?

Happy Thursday,

Martina & Marissa

P.S. -- If we get 25 meaningful comments we'll add two additional surprise books to Monday's giveaway. Six books, six chances to win.


  1. Hm. Adventures in Creative Publishing sounds like it's more of a marketing blog to me - ideas for writers trying to branch out or whatever.

    I can see how Children's might deter teens, though not YA authors themselves.

    "Adventures in Publishing" doesn't have much ring to it - but I wonder, if you want to attract more READERS, having the "in Publishing" of any sort could be a deterrent, since it says "this blog is for writers."

    Just my thoughts. :)

  2. I, too, wonder if dropping the "children's" from the name is the way to go. I like that better than adding "creative."

    I think, too, that you could look at tweaking your tag line. I think your blog probably has evolved since its inception and your primary purpose seems to be so much more than searching for readers. You really do provide a site chock-full of market information etc. you might even consider a tag line contest and have your followers come up with taglines and then choosing the best.

    All that said, I think you two do an awesome job with this blog. I've watched it grow steadily over the months and you provide a great service to so many people. So thank you for all your hard work. I really do appreciate it. Blessings, Buffy

  3. I'm kind of with Jess on this one, that it comes off like marketing. But to me it actually has a negative connotation. "Creative Publishing" actually sounds to me kind of... shady, almost. Like publishing options for people who can't get it done the "normal" way, if there is such a thing. I think if I saw the title and knew nothing else, it would translate in my brain to a publishing scheme.

    I can totally see where you're coming from, name-wise... but I think anyone who knows anything about young adult fiction knows that it falls under the umbrella of children's publishing. That's just my two cents, though. I wish I had a creative suggestion for an alternate blog title! If brilliance strikes me I will totally come comment again, though.

  4. Creative publishing sounds like publishing outside of the traditional route. What about Adventures in Children's and YA publishing?

  5. I agree with the others that creative publishing sounds too much like marketing. I really like your blog name. Looking at all the submissions for your contests, I don't think you're having a problem attracting YA authors & this is really a blog for authors. What about Adventures in KidLit Publishing? Or Laura's suggesting is good. But I don't really think you need to change it.

  6. Hmm, I agree with the above commenters, "creative" somehow has an odd connotation. You guys have so much great content here, it could be called "Adventures in Awesome" :) I do like the KidLit Publishing idea. Keep up the great work!

  7. Personally, I wouldn't change it. You've amassed hundreds of followers, probably have thousands of regular readers--all in less than a year, I might add--so I think you're doing everything right, as is. SCBWI has "children's" in their name, but we YA writers all know we belong there.

    I agree with Laura Pauling, above, about the Creative label sounding like it might refer to nontraditional outlets. If you're determined to make a change, keeping it simple (like adding "and YA"), is a great solution.

  8. I like the original name of the blog because it encompasses everything that this blog is about. However, there may be some individuals who do not realize that YA fits under "Childrens," so I agree with Ara--maybe just add YA into the title. :)

  9. Thanks, ladies. We love reaching out to writers--of course--and that was our original goal. But we want to reach out to readers, too, and invite them and encourage them in the magical world of mg & yalit. We want to be sure we are doing as much as we can for the amazing and generous authors who giveaway books on Mondays and bring them as many new readers as we can. Looking forward in our careers, too, we don't want to have to dilute the time we spend here with a whole new set of blogs. Sooooo, we'd like to get a name that is close enough to Adventures in Children's Publishing to not lose our current followers. Unfortunately Adventures in Publishing is already taken!

    I like Ara's suggestion, but it's a bit of a mouthful -- even more so than ours is already a mouthful. But that gives me some additional ideas.

    What do you think? Which do you prefer?

    Adventures in Children's & YA Publishing
    Adventures in Kid & YA Publishing
    Adventures in KidLit & YA Publishing
    Adventures in Creative Lit
    Adventures in Kid & YA Lit

    And I LOVE the idea of a tagline contest. Need to start looking around for prizes :D

    Thanks so much for all the kind words and encouragement. Melissa and I <3 you all SO much! *big hugs*


  10. hmmm--I think the name you have is the strongest so far, but you could consider adding a tagline, as someone suggested: like: Adventures in Children's Publishing: For Readers & Writers of Literature for Children and Teens (or For Readers & Writers of Kid & Teen Literature

  11. OOOh,

    How about Adventures in Literature??!!!


  12. I really like your current name, but I could see how anything with "children" in the name might discourage teens from wanting to be associated with it. I know as a teen, I thought of myself in adult terms. Out of the names you listed, I'm drawn to "Adventures in Kidlit and YA Publishing." Could also see "Books" in place of "Publishing," or something like that (Maybe Adventures in Children's and YA Lit), to make it more appealing to readers. But I think all of those names work well. Good luck with your search! A contest sounds like a fun idea--a tagline or subheading might be easier to work with, too, since your current title is associated with your URL.

  13. I agree with the (negative) marketing connotations of Creative Publishing. It sounds more like a blog from a publisher.
    --Adventures in Children's & YA Publishing is a big mouthful
    --Adventures in Literature is better, altho sounds more like a focus on reading and books than helping writers hone their craft
    --For the tagline, you could just lose the "in search of" parts and keep the important parts: "providing information, market info, insider tidbits, and writing advice"
    --I like Carolina VM's suggestion (tho a slight mouthful) of "Adventures in Children's and YA Lit"
    --As a note, some newbies don't know what YA is!
    --personally, I see this site as geared toward writers rather than teen readers. I think sometimes you have to narrow your focus...being all-inclusive isn't necessarily the best
    --when you become published, you might want a separate blog to promote and focus on your own works anyway! Up to you, of course. :)
    --Do you really have that much content for children's writing, per se? Most of what I've seen is MG or YA! If that is the case, your title could reflect that. Perhaps "teen" should be in the title rather than "children"
    --ADVENTURES IN TEEN LIT? would that be obvious that it includes how-to-get-published and writing tips? Dunno.

  14. I see this as primarily a blog for writers. But if you are branching out then by all means reach out to the teens! The name change you propose won't necessarily attract them though. What I took it to mean before reading on, was that you were going to discuss writing for adults as well. I think you may need to look into some marketing tactics to reach that kind of an audience. But I suppose the word "childrens" might put off a teen.... Hmmm. Guess that wasn't very helpful!

  15. That's a really tough one. I just starte following the blog so I'd be hesitant to recommend anything.

    I was wondering, though, if you could recommend a blog focused on publishing for children under age 10 or so? I'm really interested in picture books, but it's been hard to find a blog dedicated to that type of children's books by just googling.

  16. Hmm. This is a tough one. Everyone has made great points so far. I agree you should have YA in your title, or at least your tagline.

    Your goal is to attract writers AND readers of MG and YA. "Adventures in Literature" sounds like this blog would be more for readers than writers, and doesn't specify the kidlit part. "Adventures in Kidlit Publishing" would work, plus it matches your Twitter name. What about "Adventures in MG and YA Publishing?" It's a mouthful, but it explains it all. Or what about just adding YA to your current title, in parentheses: "Adventures in Children's (and YA) Publishing."

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! You're so creative, I'm sure it will be brilliant.

  17. Savannah--for more of a picture book slant, you might try the following blog. The second link is their posts on picture books specifically. (picture-books)

  18. Well, I like your title as it is. I came here (can't remember how I first got here) and immediately thought of it as a blog for writers/readers of kids and YA. That said if you feel like you need to change it, I agree with the overwhelming negative on the 'creative publishing'. I like Carol's suggestions of ADVENTURES IN TEEN LIT or ADVENTURES IN TEEN LIT PUBLISHING.

  19. You could even make TeenLit one word, for Adventures in TeenLit Publishing. Although I'm not sure what that would do to a Google search!

    That's something else to consider when you're choosing a new name--how new people can find it via search engine searching.

    Okay, I'm done hogging your comment to a SCBWI retreat for the weekend, rah!

  20. it depends on your intent.

    keeping children targets MG/YA writers; changing to creative would imply, to me, that you're targeting writers of all genres who are interested in alternative publishing methods/venues (self-pub, epub, PDF, etc).

    if you're really worried about alienating YA writers i'd recommend against the change to creative. there has to be a better word,

    (fwiw, i think you have a might big following already. changing your name might disrupt that following. besides, you're already on how many blogrolls of how many different writers? that kind of word-of-mouth is worth far more than a token name change)

    -- Tom

  21. I think if you're trying to attract more readers, you'll want to drop the "publishing" part of your name. That says "Writers come here!" more than anything else.

    No good suggestions from me, though...I'm just not pithy enough for titles!

  22. As far as titles go, I would stick with what you got.

    Adventures in Creative Publishing sounds like a blog for people who like to publish stories on bound paper towels or fall leaves sewn together with thread or perhaps on a homemade press in their basement. I've always thought that this blog was at heart about those who write for younger people. That includes a lot of people published and unpublished. I would avoid "creative" and I might suggest leaving out "publishing." We're writers here after all and not publishers. On a side note, I would advocate for avoiding making the title Teen Lit with or without a space. I look as that and it sound like a porn category with a typo. Shake ups are always good. Keep looking for the write (right) name. Think first of your audience.

  23. Wow, so many good ideas. I know I speak for Martina and I both when I say we really do appreciate the time and thought you've all shown in today's comments. We have a lot to consider and you have truly helped. Thanks for all the love!

    Marissa :)

  24. Adventures in Liturature is good. It's short and to the point and the moment you read it you know what the blog is about. I'm not sure you need the "creative" in there.

    I do think taking out the "children's" is a good idea.

  25. I like the current name too. Most YA writers know kidlit includes YA.

    Creative publishing sounded like a self-publishing company.

    My vote is for Adventures in Kidlit & YA Publishing

  26. Know what you mean about getting too wordy. From the list above, I like the last one: Adventures in Kid & YA Lit. Very catchy! : )

  27. I like Adventures in Kid & YA Lit, as well. Short, sweet, and it lets you know what you're getting.

  28. Thanks, everyone! We appreciate all your input. The toss up now is between Adventures in Kid & YA Lit and Adventures in Literature. I wonder if having the Kid in there is a little too much of a turn off for some teens, and a lot of what we do for writers is universal, including adults as well. In fact, a lot of our followers write for adults.


  29. I vote for Adventures in Kid and YA Lit, and a tagline that calrifies it all. :)

  30. Of all your choices, I'd have to say I prefer your current name. But I think you could re-work your by-line/blog description as per the suggestions already made.

    I recently re-branded my own blog as well. Are you planning on changing your URL? If so, there are some things you need to do to make sure (1) you don't lose your followers , and (2) people can still find you. So make sure you research/plan it all out before you take that step - it's not as easy as Blogger makes out...

  31. I like the name as is, but that's just me. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  32. What about "Creative KidLit?"

    Lee Mandel
    Author of "Frog Burgers"

  33. Sorry I'm late to the conversation. I'm with Angela, I like the name the way it is. Most writers know that kid lit includes YA. And because you offer general writing tips, I think other writers would be drawn to your site also. I read romance writer blogs and adult writer blogs, since most of the information can be used by everyone. I hope this helps!

  34. I think you're fine either way. I know I'll be coming by no matter what you call it :)

  35. I can see your point and I like Adventures in Literature. Both fun and literary.


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