Friday, October 15, 2010

14 Best Articles This Week for Writers 10/15/2010

After the Sale
Book Reviews
Craft of Writing
Issues and Trends
Just for Smiles
Social Media, Twitter, and Blogging
To Market
 Other Weekly Round-Ups:
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  1. thanks gals! 'Real Life' has been holding my virtual butt in a vice this last week. I don't know how I'd catch up without this!

  2. Good stuff here, pertinent to me as I revise my novel--like Cobwebs Got Your Story (under Just For Smiles, but much more than smiles!). Also nice info under Craft: Rachel Vail's Tips on Creating Adolescent Characters.

    Whew, and here it is already 9 am...thanks for doing the work of rounding up all this helpful info!

  3. Great list as usual - will dip through them slowly every time I take a break from deadline work today.

  4. Yikes! So much awesome stuff to read. Thank you!

  5. Great links. I've actually read more of them this week. I especially love the congrats section. It's great to see good news.

  6. Wow! I am bookmarking this right now. Thanks for gathering these for us! :-)

  7. Thanks for including me, too! What fun. And now on to greater fun--checking out the rest of the sites on the list. It's a great treasure chest. Thanks for what you do to bring it all to us :-)

  8. And I thought you couldn't outdo yourself. Fantastic roundup of links! Must now bookmark this because it will take me a while to get through so many great posts. Gah! I'm supposed to be taking a break. Ah well. Such is the life of a hungry writer.

  9. Great links as usual. I've managed to check out a few. Still many more I want to read. :D

  10. I always find so much in your wrap-ups! Thanks!

  11. Hi Ladies, not sure whether this is useful or not, but I do a Twitter Tip Thursday every week, check out for today's.

    Love your blog and Twitter Tips (I always include heaps of them in my round-up):)



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