Friday, October 1, 2010

14 Best Articles This Week for Writers 10/1/2010

After the Sale
Book Reviews
  • Being a Good Beta [YA Highway] The other side of the equation--meet the writer's expectations.
  • F&FW: What To Give [] The most important thing you have to give to any writer is your honest reaction.
Just for Smiles
Social Media, Twitter & Blogging
To Market
 Other Weekly Round-Ups:
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  1. Thanks for all the great links ladies!

  2. I always LOVE your many fab links!

  3. LOVE the links! Thanks for such a comprehensive list!

  4. I think I need to put a week aside just to get through your amazing lists - I'm afraid I'll miss a nugget if I don't read them all.

    Great roundup, guys.

  5. Great list. I won't be able to check them all out but will definitely look at some this weekend. It's amazing how much helpful info there is out there.

  6. Wow! I'm seriously stunned by all the fantastic links you have listed. Thank you for listing my contest as well! But dang, I'm just floored. So much work to read and compile this list, I'm sure. Such a great service to writers and readers.

  7. Still plowing thru the wonderful list, but REALLY found the Oasis for YA article on defining genre I'd finally decided my WIP was dystopian rather than sci fi, and now I think it's neither! It must be speculative fiction, probably post-apocalyptic. dystopian? LOL

  8. Awesome list. I look forward to this post every week.

  9. wow- thank god for you guys. It's been hard keeping up but this list is just awesome! Thanks for including lil old me in the compelling characters category:) wasn't expecting that! Your friday wrap ups are invaluable!

  10. Massively awesome round up again, ladies!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  11. Y'all are amazing. Thanks for the YA Highway shout outs!

  12. ROFL. I just saw the one on Janet Reid's blog.

    I feel so much smarter after learning about motif. Cool stuff. Hmmm. Wonder if I can incorporate it in my new wip.

  13. You always have such a great roundup! That link to Scott Eagan's blog totally makes me want to write romance now. I love his policy of responding to each query! Thanks for including my post on writing compelling characters, too. I'm thrilled to be in such great company :)


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