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15 Best Articles This Week for Writers 7/2/2010

Here's the round-up of new articles and some older posts we found on our trips around the blogosphere this week. Do you have an announcement, article, or good news we missed? Please comment and let us know!

The Craft of Writing
  • Passive Voice = Passive Scene? [EditTorrent] If your voice has gotten too passive in a scene, consider whether the problem isn't more with your characters and the action than with your verbs.
  • The Proofreading Blues [Type M for Murder via @ElizabethCraig] Donis Casey discusses a post-editorial revision, and points out some errors we may all be making.
  • Good Writing Tips [The Huffington Post] Chris Guillebeau provides an excellent list to help you improve your writing and your manuscript.
  • Developmental Editing Letter [A. Victoria Mixon] An excellent example of an editorial letter for a manuscript, covering the type of things we should be thinking about our own work as well as what we should consider when critiquing a novel for another writer.
  • 11 Types of Bad Writing Advice [Psychology Today] FANTASTIC post about absolutes and types of critiques you need to ignore to preserve your writing and your sanity.
  • Story Write- Publish Your Stories [It's All About Writing] Nicole Humphrey Cook generously passes along a great resource for writers!

To Market
  • To Kate Messner (@KateMessner) and Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency for the sale of two new novels to Walker.
  • Erin Cashman's The Specials gets picked up by Holiday House through Trident Media Group.
  • Lola Schaefer's Swamp Chomp sells to Holiday House through Stimola Literary Studio.
  • Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.'s middle-grade baseball series, co-authored by Baltimore Sun sportswriter Kevin Cowherd, starting with Hothead to Disney-Hyperion through Objective Entertainment.
  • Stephanie Watson's The Wee Hours sold to Disney-Hyperion by David Black Literary Agency.
  • Adam Rex's heavily illustrated trilogy, Cold Cereal gets nabbed by Balzer and Bray via Writers House.
  • Books 6 and 7 in Ridley Pearson's bestselling Kingdom Keepers series sold to Disney-Hyperion via Writers House.
  • Author-illustrator Jennifer Sattler's Pig Kahuna sold to Bloomsbury Children's through Liza Dawson Associates.
  • Wesley King's The Vindico, pitched as The Breakfast Club meets the X-Men, sold to Putnam Children's through Writers House.
  • Kim Siebold's Alphabet sold to Running Street Press through Mansion Street Literary.
Trends and Issues
  • E-books, hardcovers, online booksellers: Why everybody can win [CNN Fortune] "Ultimately, there's no reason traditional bookstores and digital booksellers can't co-exist; for all their common ground, each offers a substantially different value proposition. Of course, the onus is on booksellers to prove their continued relevance in the digital age. If they continue to innovate in the services and experiences they offer and the ways they engage the community, consumers will continue to make bookstores a vital part of their lives. If they fail to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer needs, they'll deserve the empty aisles -- and cash registers -- that result. The next chapter is up to them."
  • The Latest Trends in Query Letters and Sample Pages [Pub Rants] Agent Kristin Nelson provides insight into trends she's seen in recent queries.
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Other Weekly Round-Ups:
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  1. Great links as usual, girls. since I was on a blogging vacation this week, I missed most of these. Thanks!

  2. These are majorly cool and I've tweeted you. You both deserve it.

    Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. ";-)

  3. Writing tips! Critiques! Come visit my blog where I describe common writing pitfalls. Your work welcome to submit for posting but I'm concentrating on MG and YA novel excerpts that aren't intended for publication, to avoid potential copyright probs once you ARE published. Featuring paragraph/page makeovers for my writing examples. See:

  4. Really great list. I don't know when you find the time to read them all. Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. Thanks everyone for such kind comments! It was actually a little quiet this week in the blogosphere... until this morning! We're finding all sorts of great articles today. Stay tuned for next week because it's going to be even more packed!

  6. Thanks so much for this amazing weekly roundup. Tweeting now!

  7. Excellent job once again. As my time grows more and more precious, links like this each friday is sooo apreeciated!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  8. You're so awesome...thanks for the link! :-D

  9. Have I told you two how awesome your blog is? Probably so, but I'll say it again: I LOVE IT!!! All the links, articles, and resources are absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for putting so much time and effort into it!

  10. I think you give the best lists anywhere!

  11. Oh my- Ms. Kenyon's blog really says it all. Thanks for that link!

  12. Wow! Really good stuff on that list!

    Anne @AnneTylerLord and @Writers_Life

  13. Awesome list! Thanks for including me and WriteOnCon and our vlog and everything! You guys rock the world.


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