Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 #36 A. Grey

Here's the first five of my YA, which is dystopian by some standards, but I'm reluctant to label it as such:

Life is so much easier without underwear. That was something I had clung to, but Sal was right when he told me underwear was useless. Sal taught me a lot of things. Like how to pee while holding a bow with an arrow nocked and drawn. In the Wild you have to know how to do that.


  1. This is a great first line! I'm having a bit of trouble imagining the reality of someone peeing while holding a bow with an arrow drawn. It would help to know if Sal as well as the MC is male or female; it seems more feasible if male. At any rate, it seems a good intro to a pseudo-dystopian.

  2. Great first line :) The second line starts with "That" and I'm not sure what the "That" is referring to. The underwear? Really, that was the only thing that threw me. Great job!


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