Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 #22 Margay

I always knew my name would get me into trouble one day. I just didn’t think it would take this long. Maybe I have a slow fuse or a short attention span or something, but, anyway, it finally happened - I snapped. And my name got me in trouble.

Seriously, with a name like Irene Goode, the probability ranked pretty high, if you know what I mean


  1. This is interesting! I really like the first sentence. It's a little confusing as to whether her snapping or her name gets her in trouble, though; you may need to clarify this. I do like her name, and it sets up the conflict nicely. The main character sounds nice and chatty, with phrasings like "if you know what I mean." Good start.

  2. I'm enjoying the voice here. However, I have to agree with Carol that the opening paragraph confused me a bit. I guess I don't understand how her name got her in trouble. The impression I got was that she snapped over something and then her name got her in trouble? But I don't understand how...Maybe it's not so much that her name got her in trouble but her name set a bar that she couldn't live up to? Just a thought.


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