Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 #21 Buffy Andrews (MG)

I have a secret. I know things. Lots of things. Like I know that my math teacher, Mr. Bugg, is going to pick his nose and wipe a boogie on the back of his smiley face tie when he turns around to write on the board. And I know that Lacey, who sits next to me, is hoping that Jon, who sits behind me, asks her to our eighth-grade school dance.

(Happy Birthday, Buffy!)


  1. Great voice here! It's gross, but I like the boogie bit and the colorful detail of the smiley face tie. At first, it doesn't seem like much of a secret, to know the things this character knows. It doesn't seem like he/she has to be psychic or anything. (But perhaps!) At first glance it seems like she's seen Mr. Bugg (ha, great name) do the boogie-wipe once, so she knows what he's up to. And that she knows Lacey (pretty name!) and hence knows she wants Jon to ask her out. So I would want to read more to find out if she/he really IS psychic, a topic/trait I have always loved in stories.

  2. Love the details here as well as the voice. Great job :)


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