Friday, June 4, 2010

38 Best Articles This Week for Writers 6/4/10

Here are some of our favorite new blog posts for the past week, along with some older posts we've stubbed our toes on while wandering the blogosphere. We  hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

  • 7 Reasons to Be Grateful You're a Writer [Victoria Mixon via @Writeitsideways] A. Victoria Mixon provides positive thoughts on why writing is a privilege.
  • You Have to Believe [Rants & Ramblings] Commentary by Rachelle Gardner to keep the faith that you can succeed in publishing.
  • Childhood is Once [Lee and Low via @LEEandLOW] Jason Low tells us why working in children's publishing is unrivaled.
  • 7 Things I've Learned So Far [Guide to Literary Agents] Author Lara Ehrlich offers advice, as she reflects on her journey to publication.
  • 52 Qualities of the Prosperous Writer: Number Twenty, Clarity [The Sharp Angle via @thewritermama] For an author, clarity can mean your career path. It can mean your drive. It can mean learning from your past mistakes. For me, it is an understanding of past, present, and future.
  • Pros and Cons of Writing for Young People [Ginny's Fiction Writing Blog via @simplywriting] YA authors have more fun with writing and create better work than people who are trying to win awards, but people still wonder when they will graduate to the real work of writing for adults.
  • 5 Tips For Playing a Smart Publishing Game [Jody Hedlund] Author Jody Hedlund reminds us of what we can be doing to improve our chances at getting published.
The Craft of Writing:
  • Editing Your Novel [Behind the Mystery via @jaysubject] Copywriter and writer Lisa M. Stiles round of up great advice on editing.
  • Use Past Perfect Property [Speculating about Fiction] A writer, editor and teacher of writing and editing explains how and when to use the past perfect verb tense, and how not to let it slow your pacing.
  • How Not to Fix Your Novel [James Killick's Blog] Writer James Killick tells us why the cure can be worse than the cause.
  • The Craft of Editing [Terry's Place] C. Patrick Schulze guest blogs and describes his revision process including some usefult tips.
  • 4 Articles Dealing With Rejection [Nancy Parish] Guide to Literary Agents consolidates helpful rejection articles.
  • The Ogre and the Slushpile [Paranormal Point of View] Lisa Gail Green explains who really has the power to reject you -- and what happens to rejected manuscripts. Read and laugh.
To Market:
  • Newer vs. Established Agent [Mary Kole] discusses the pros and cons of selecting an agent with experience as opposed to a newer one.
  • Following Up, Giving Up, and Saddling Up [Editorial Anonymous] Editorial Anonymous provides advice on submission timelines and when it's time to open the old desk drawer and give your manuscript a new home.
  • Choosing and Finding an Agent [MacGregor Literary] Chip MacGregor gives practical advice on finding an agent with your eyes wide open.
  • Is traditional publishing dead? [Bob Mayer]  Author and writing coach doesn't think traditional publishing is dead, but believes it will be even more competitive in coming years and urges writers to be aware of new technologies.
  • The One-Sentence Summary [Rachelle Gardener] Literary agent provides instructions for creating a 25-word book summary and a contest to test your skill and your finished mss.
  • Mixing Metaphors and Petting Peeves [Happy Endings via @jeannieruesch] Linda Epstein, a submissions manager at a literary agency, provides insight on the slushpile.
Trends, Conferences, and Issues:
Twitter & Blogging:
Just For Smiles:
  • Signing in the Waldenbooks [Editorial Ass] Parnell Hall's song and video brought Editorial Ass such LOLs that, in his own words, he "almost peed his pjs."
  • When Bad Writing Becomes Funny [All About Writing] Nicole Humphrey provides us with some serious laughs.
  • Grab a Pen [Tahereh Mafi] We normally link to a particular post, but the wonderful Tahereh has been announcing the winners of her original short story contest all week, and interspersing that with some reflections you'll enjoy.
Other Weekly Round-Ups:
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