Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Start Your YA Novel with a Bang

James Killick just offered up another great post to help us improve our fiction. In a nutshell, he suggests rethinking the writing advice that urges us to start with action. Start with drama, he says. And I couldn't agree more. Starting with a dramatic situation that leads to a change in the protag's life kicks starts the entire novel and makes it easy to layer on complications that keep the reader intent on reading.  Make sure you've provided enough background for the reader to care about what is happening in the opening conflict, and ensure there is emotion involved in that conflict, not just action.

Go get dramatic!



  1. Just popped by to check out your blog, and you've got a lovely post about me! Over the moon - thank you for the plug.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration James. Your blog is great!


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