Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 A Simple Trick to Inspire an Entire Story

I must admit I was inspired by a saying for one of my own manuscripts. So when I stumbled upon this post today, I had to pass the concept along. Sometimes, all it takes is a small seed, or concept, to jumpstart you into writing an entire story!

Post your favorite phrase or saying to comments. Maybe you'll inspire someone's writing!

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Happy Phrasing,


  1. I am no expert, but here's something I've said to my kids since the first one was old enough to understand the concept.

    "A mistake is never a mistake, unless you don't learn from it."

    So keep writing, reading, searching, brainstorming and yes, making mistakes. I wonder what will be that last mistake I make just before an agent offers to represent me???

    What are your thought?

  2. I love it, Sheri -- and it's such a timely thought because I just posted something about mistakes a second before I read this! You are a wise woman. (Of course, I think one of the posts I was talking about was on your blog :-D)

  3. Thanks for the great link! I've bookmarked it.

    I love this phrase, although I don't know who said it:

    "You don't have to believe everything you think."

  4. Thanks for commenting. From sayings of wisdom to phrases we've heard time and time again, inspiration is easy to find!

  5. What a fun, searchable web site! Thanks for the info.


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