Friday, April 16, 2010

0 Mary Kole Asks: What Does Your Critique Group Mean to You?

Today's post on poses a very interesting question: What does your critique group or partner mean to you? It's a must-read for evaluating whether you're growing as a writer within your group. It's important to be challenged and to challenge those you work with, in return. It's also important to provide justified feedback, not just commentary.

Beyond the obvious wonderful advice, this post got me thinking. After meeting with Martina in our group this week, I have to take a moment to sing their praises. We represent totally different people with noticably different lives. Each of our styles and voices are unique. But our love for writing for children brings us together each week and the result is pure joy. The friendships that I have formed as a result of these meetings are truly cherished.

What's your critique group look like? How many people are involved? Are you meeting in-person or online, or possibly using both? How often do you meet? What's the most beneficial aspect of your critique group? If you're not involved in a critique group, what's holding you back? Post to comments. We'd love to hear from you!

Much Love to My Ladies and Happy Meeting,

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