Thursday, April 22, 2010

And You Are...???

BookEnds, LLC reminds us that it's important to always query as a professional, and not like an old friend. Just because you've met an agent or editor in person doesn't mean they will remember you or the conversation that you had. Rather, query in a way that provides details to refresh their memory and maintain a professional tone. If you've invested the time, money, and courage to attend a conference and approach an agent or editor, you don't want to blow your chance to use this encounter in a query. Thou shall avoid any reason to be rejected in your query!



  1. Marissa,

    I agree, you need to refresh their memory, but your query needs to get to the point and hook the editor or agent, so they say, "Yes, I want to see more."


  2. Kathy, you are right. It basically needs to be as any other query would be, only with a small mention of previous contact. Getting that hook is the hard part! :) Thanks for your comment!



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