Monday, March 8, 2010

0 Paranormal vs. Too Cliche

Another reason I submitted to Suzie Townsend was her post at:

Hopefully someone else can use this information, because I think she sounds like a fabulous agent. I love the insight she provided, and everything in her blog, which was why I queried her in the first place. Sadly, even though Michaela is definitely a "strong teenage girl, maybe a girl with powers coming into her own, supernatural beings other than the overdone vampire/werewolf/shapeshifter/fallen angel/evil fairy combo, particularly beings with mythological roots, and a strong voice that can incorporate the typical danger, action, and romance with a dose of witty humor," it is hard to convey the plot of THE WIND WALKER in under 300 words and simultaneously explain that Wind Walkers -- while they actually *are* angels, were also the Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Celtic Gods, etc. Nor, thank goodness, did I even try to put into that cover letter the countless hours I spent on my knees shuffling index cards with all the research that traced specific archangels through the various mythologies, matched them to astrological symbols, and even Meiers, Briggs personality types. I barely managed to do that in 76,000 words without doing the Mortal Instruments (which I still LOVE anyway, so apologies to Cassandra Clare) info dump. End Pathetic Rant. (But still a very sad rejection, because I think I could ADORE Suzie Townsend.)

Cheers, Martina

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