Thursday, March 11, 2010

0 I Sense a Recurring Theme

Beyond the economic woes that currently pervade the publishing industry, the e-book scare is in full-swing. It's a crisis begging for a name of its own, like Y2K once earned. What does this crisis mean for the publishers/authors/agents of children's books?

At least at the elementary school level, where I find myself daily, it seems a long way off. First, nothing replaces the language experience of sharing a picture book or even a board book with the young ones. Second, how many children or teens have you seen with a Kindle or something of that nature? The fact of the matter is that most children just don't have access to something so pricey and fragile (although there's the occasional youngster with a cell phone or, of course, a gaming system). Though I don't argue the idea that the change will trickle down eventually, it's not so much a crisis with the younger audience. For more, visit


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